July 11, 2024

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Xactimate Training Online – Getting Help From the Help Desk

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Xactimate Training Online – Getting Help From the Help Desk
Xactimate Training Online – Getting Help From the Help Desk

As everyone knows from time to time something just doesn’t go right and you need help. Whether it be a technical issue, like an error showing up or just a plain, old “how do I do that” situation, we have all been there, staring at the screen and wondering what to do next.

Some of you who use Xactimate on a regular basis will know exactly how to get the help and information you need to proceed, while others may not. If it is help with an error or software issue you have two choices; live telephone support or internet chat support. Personally, I love the chat support feature and I find that many adjusters don’t really take advantage of this service very often.

Xactware is exceptional at both phone support and chat support. I have found their tech personnel are top notch and usually can get you fixed up within minutes of contacting them. Be aware though they now charge for phone support unless a chat technician offers you phone support. I have had it happen and it is usually when an issue gets escalated past their knowledge. On that note I have only stumped the first line tech guys a couple of times! They are very knowledgeable about their software.

One great thing about Xactware’s chat support is that they work 24/7. This is wonderful if you are a night owl like me. It’s actually much easier to get a tech guy after hours than it is during the day on chat. They usually don’t get in a hurry to get you off either. There have been plenty of times that I have utilized live chat just to get information. To access live chat you just log onto Xactwares website go to the support tab, log in, bypass the knowledge base screen and just click on the chat button. A chat box will pop up and off you go with your questions.

Moving on, the next way to get help is in the software itself. Xactware built the software in such a way that there are training modules built right in. To access this, you can go to the drop down tab at the very top or you can click the help tab on the upper right side of any screen in Xactimate.

This will open the group of boxes called real time training on the right hand side of the screen. These boxes will allow you to search on any topic concerning the software. During your search in help boxes one thing to remember is they will give you topics based on the screen you are on.

This does not mean you cannot access other topics about the software. Xactware is just trying to make it a little easier to access information on a subject by doing this. Learn to use the real time training function and you will definitely excel in using this software. There is a wealth of information available to any one willing to access it.

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