May 24, 2024

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Influence of Media on Young People – Use Their Strategies to Your Advantage

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You cannot deny the influence of media on young people. From television to magazines, teenagers just seem to eat it all up. Perhaps the greatest trick of all is not so much the persuasion itself, but how young people don’t even seem to realize the amount of influence the media has on them, and how readily they accept this influence.

In this article, you’ll find out just how broad the influence of media is on young people. You might also get some creative ideas on how to use such strategies to your advantage.

Must Haves In Magazines

Looking at the cover of most beauty magazines, you’ll find that many of their titles run along the lines of “top ten must haves this summer” or even “101 beauty products you’ll love.”

In the mind of a regular teenager, this is just the usual format of a magazine. However, these articles are actually persuading their readers that there is a need for such products.

Boys aren’t exempted from this either. With articles like “top ten gadgets this year,” there really is no escape.

Popularization Of Concepts

In this day and age, individuality is in. Stereotypes are cast out. However, the concept of individuality is also (unsurprisingly) an influence of media on young people.

Think of all the movies and television programs which highlight individuality as a cool concept. Without media support, individuality (or any other concept for that matter) will not be largely accepted.

Calling Celebrities

Celebrities also contribute a lot to the influence of media on young people. These days, more and more perfumes, clothing lines and accessories are modeled by famous personalities.

Advertisers know that their target markets aspire to be just like their favorite singer or football player, and they craftily use this information in their advertising campaigns.

The influence of media on young people continues to grow more with each passing day. Now that you know some of their strategies, you might be able to pick up a tip or two for yourself.

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