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Web Hosting – HostGator Review

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Web Hosting – HostGator Review
Web Hosting – HostGator Review

When I decided to build my first website I was faced with a long list of choices and tasks. One of which was to decide who I was going to use for my web hosting. After a lot of research and hours of time reading reviews I decided to try HostGator. I was a complete novice with regards to the fine art of putting together a website and SEO etc, so to be honest I expected the whole process to be quite intimidating. With HostGator I found the truth to be quite different.

I found it very easy to set up my membership with regards to payment and selecting a plan. The plans by the way are very straight forward and very fairly priced, to be fair they are actually very cheap considering the amount of features and the amazing amount of support on offer. They have 3 plans, the hatchling, the baby and the business plan. The hatchling is a decent plan, but only allows one domain to be hosted.

The baby plan is only a dollar more and is quite a different beast due to the fact you can host unlimited domains, so value for money definitely rests in the baby plan. The business plan is, as its name suggests, aimed for the business website owner, the main perk of this is to have your own toll free phone number for your site/business. The baby plan best suited my needs because I was planning to have multiple sites so needed the unlimited domain names, so I signed up for the baby plan and proceeded from there.

After setting up the account details etc I looked to getting my site uploaded for the world to view. Let me say this, I was no expert on websites and hosting etc at the time and I was quite daunted by the prospect of FTP uploading etc. But let me just take a moment to say that the tech support was phenomenal. They can be reached 24 hours a day via the instant chat messenger support and are patient, informative and will stay with you until you are completely satisfied that any problems or questions you have are resolved. Within a few minutes of signing up and contacting the online tech support, my website was up and running with my mind at ease.

I have used HostGator for around 3 years now and they have surpassed their 99.99{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} up time promise. I have not experienced 1 second of website downtime due to their service. I personally would not choose any one else for my hosting service.

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