May 24, 2024

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Ways You Can Speed Up Your Computer

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All the computer users know how frustrating it is when their computers get slow and take lifetime to shut down or start up or get errors like the BSOD(blue screen of death). If you are facing the same situation over a long period of time then the time has come to speed up your PC. Using following methods you can speed up your PC.

Remove useless software and programs – An average computer user install a number of files or programs some of which are completely useless. Such programs only occupy valuable RAM and slow the machine. Such programs should be deleted to get some free space and to help the computer to run faster.

Running a defragmentation – The hard drive should be defragmented a least once in a month either automatically or manually. It will help to speed up the computer and sustain a good quality CPU function.

Try to get more free space – Getting more free space will speed up your PC. You should delete all the temporary files and cookies and empty the recycle bin very often. You should shift the ‘my documents’ folder from ‘C drive’. To do this you must have minimum two partitions or hard drives in your PC. As the size of the ‘My Documents’ folder is huge shifting it will help to improve the performance of the operating system.

Eliminate the malware and viruses – A computer may become slow due to virus and malware attack. You should use anti virus program to locate and eliminate the viruses and malware. It will help to speed up your PC [].

Rectify registry errors – Most of all computer hazards are associated with registry and clearing out the registry of the windows can be the most useful way out. When a computer gets overflowed with errors and corrupt files it becomes slow. It is very easy to fix this problem. All that you have to do is to download and install registry error software, which will scan the system and automatically identify the corrupted files. After that you should permit the software to rectify the problem of the system.

Before trying to speed up your computer you should locate the problem due to which the computer is getting slowed. To mark the problem you should consult any good software company, which may allow running a scan on their system to detect the problem. This way you can solve the problem without surfing the Internet to find a solution.

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