July 11, 2024

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VLC Media Player and Blu-ray

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The development of the Blu-ray and its spread have given a significant boost to the use of high quality multimedia content. The Blu-ray disc can store huge amounts of data in an optical medium of the same size as a music CD. In a thick disc of 1.2 mm and with a diameter of 120mm is possible to store an amount of data of much higher than that stored from the most common DVD, between 25 up to 128GB, depending on how many layers are written. Yes, because the blue disk is multilayer and burning technology used involves writing on a level or levels of the inner disk. Undoubtedly, technology is really spectacular if we think about everything that can be stored in a single Blu-ray disc, but there must also be said that the Blu-ray on the market often can not read into the deeper layers of the disc thus defeating the use of these optical media so capacious.

Moreover, the Blu-ray players are still very expensive because the technology is still new. However you can use your home PC to enjoy Blu-ray in comfort. Among the best performing video player and above all free and available on the market there is VLC Media Player, VideoLAN project released under GPL and completely free. The program has spread very quickly on the market thanks not only for its generosity but also for the undisputed quality of this small software. With very efficient codecs, which will be in the setup file after you download the program, VLC Media Player can read many formats, both audio and video like MKV, FLV, DivX, Xvid, Mov, Ogg, MP3 and many other yet. If you want to harness the power of this player with your BD extract the contents of the disc and convert it to Mkv format, choosing the language and whether to leave the subtitles. To do this you can use video converter, there are many online and are free. After you create your Mkv file just open it with VLC Media Player and enjoy when you want and where you want your favorite videos. With the latest version of VLC, the 2.0, the quality of audio and video stream and further improved. The program interface is even more essential and clear style, Mac, and hides a set of tools even more refined and effective management of media files. such as video, audio files and more.

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