July 12, 2024

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Video Wall Controllers and Other AV Technology Becoming More User-Friendly

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Video Wall Controllers and Other AV Technology Becoming More User-Friendly
Video Wall Controllers and Other AV Technology Becoming More User-Friendly

Have you ever wanted to really dazzle an audience with high-definition screens that showcase your brand? Video wall systems are one of the most in-demand AV technologies right now due to their versatility in a variety of environments. But sometimes these new and rapidly improving technological innovations can seem too complicated, and tech novices can feel a little left out of the changing 21st Century marketplace.

That’s why there’s a new wave in technology manufacturing right now that’s putting a focus on user-friendly and intuitive design. Even watching commercials or checking out your local electronics store will show you the direction the world is moving, as phones, computers, tablets, and AV technology are increasingly designed not just for tech-savvy geniuses, but for the average consumer with no technical training.

We live now in the era of technology, meaning almost everyone, from business owners to regular folks, relies on technology in almost every aspect of life. Many electronics companies are still figuring out how to make their products simpler for the average user, but others are already leading the way towards a technologically intuitive world.

Walk through a mall, airport, restaurant, casino, or almost anywhere, and you may notice a video wall display being used to show advertising or other dynamic content. Thanks to this current trend towards technological pluralism, this relatively new technology may be easier to use and manage than you think.

The screens you see are powered by a video wall controller, which is a piece of hardware that is responsible for distributing content via inputs and outputs. The video wall controller splits an image into parts to be displayed on the screens or “clones” the content by routing it individually to each screen. In the past, this type of technology may have required a lot of training to use, but now there are companies that have simplified the process.

The average user looking for a simple solution wants something that allows them to display their content beautifully and without any hassle. A basic, entry-level video wall controller will allow users to plug in their media player with one simple input and instantly start playing content on the screens.

So if you want to join the technological revolution, now’s the time. Don’t be afraid to use AV technology to put your company or brand above the pack because if you look in the right places, you can find a solution that’s not only powerful, but also easy to use.

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