July 11, 2024

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The Best Marriage Proposal Ideas for the Tech Savvy Girlfriend

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The Best Marriage Proposal Ideas for the Tech Savvy Girlfriend
The Best Marriage Proposal Ideas for the Tech Savvy Girlfriend

You can’t afford to be cheesy when you’re thinking about marriage proposal ideas for your tech savvy girlfriend! You need something that will be customized to her personality. Is there a particular way to go about proposing marriage to a computer or electronics freak? Sure there is! Take a look…

1. Organize a high-tech scavenger hunt! Send her a text message asking her to meet you somewhere secret. Keep sending her these sweet messages all the time she’s travelling there. Once she gets there- you can propose to her with a ring!

2. You can even create a sweet and romantic web page where you declare your intentions. Make sure you leave her clues on finding it. It will even be great as a keepsake for later!

3. If she’s constantly at her computer, you can use that as a great marriage proposal idea. Set up a screen saver that announces your proposal- but make sure you’re there with her when she sees it first!….And yes- have that ring ready and those flowers blooming when you actually ask her to marry you!

4. You could even use the ideas above as a desktop picture. It’s very simple. Just click a picture of yourself down on your knees (you can have a friend help you). Upload it as a desktop background option. Catch her by surprise when she does check her mail- and make sure you have that ring ready when you do so.

5. You could even create your own sweet proposal and upload it on her iPod when she’s not looking! Sneaky, but cute!

6. If you met her online- there’s nothing better than an online proposal. You can drop broad hints about your intentions through an email or even through IM. Later, surprise her with a rose, a ring and a proper proposal. It will be personal, sensitive- and she’ll remember it for the rest of her life.

How to Choose the Best Marriage Proposal Idea

It’s simple. No matter how fancy or wild the idea-it won’t be a hit if it isn’t ‘about her’. What are we talking about?

• Make sure you and your girlfriend are at the same place emotionally. It’s not enough for you to be prepared for marriage- she needs to be there too. Even the best of marriage proposal ideas won’t have a good outcome if she’s not prepared for it!

• You need to think about her likes and dislikes when you are choosing your proposal idea. For instance, is she a private person? If yes, she will never enjoy a proposal in public- no matter how sweet you make it. If you still aren’t sure about how she’ll receive your marriage proposal- talk to a few of her intimate friends. They should be able to guide you. Do make sure they keep it a secret though!

They say marriages are made in heaven- and now you have a chance to make her feel the same way with these marriage proposal ideas!

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