May 24, 2024

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Social Media Applications With Drupal

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There is a huge rush for social media application development with Drupal! The craze for social media is understandable, given a situation where every business house is considering the social networking sites as a powerful marketing tool. Social media(SM) is a place where business organizations and their consumers communicate directly; this platform makes SM a buzz in company boardrooms. With this realization comes another trend to offer social media friendly websites to the end users. Drupal SM applications are the hottest among them, since they are not only the best for making engaging websites, but also enable intriguing features.

Advantages of social media application with Drupal:Advantages of making SM applications on Drupal platform are mentioned below:

  • Drupal is a complete content management system, which comes with separate building tools for Blogs, Forums, Profile, and Wikis. This gives an ideal platform for interactions.
  • Drupal is an open source platform. This feature makes it easier for anyone to access codes for free as well as change them. You can reap high profits by creating a community of developers and users, so that they can exchange their thoughts and views.
  • Drupal is an ideal hosting platform, which is scalable. Drupal can run large and heavy websites easily. So, you can add newsletter, images, video files, articles, forums etc. to your website to attract a larger community.
  • Drupal is SEO friendly. If your motto is to drive more traffic to your website, Drupal is the best stage for you. Drupal has a number of SEO friendly features such as Page Title, URL, Meta Tags etc. to catch the fancy of search engines. You also can integrate Google analytics to your website to track the status of your website.
  • Drupal content is highly editable. Drupal has all Add, Edit, and Change content options, so that you can make changes to your content to suit the requirements of social media. For doing this, you would not need any extensive skill.

Drawback of social media application with Drupal: Many web developers still feel tentative to use Drupal platform leaving the conventional method of PHP programming, simply because there are more configuration options on Drupal CMS. They also find it challenging to learn vertical learning curve of Drupal. There is very little scope for newbies, as there is not a single document about the difficult hooks of the CMS.

Some popular Drupal social media applications:

Drupal Twitter application:This application gives twitter notifications after every new post. The users can also use their own twitter account to post updates. This feature is available for Drupal 5.x 6.x. This is a downloadable application.

Drupal Facebook application:Drupal’s ‘fbstatus’ can fetch your current Facebook status easily. You also can control who can view your status on Facebook with this application. This is suitable for Drupal 5.x 6.x.

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