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Quick Guide to Buying a Computer Case

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Quick Guide to Buying a Computer Case
Quick Guide to Buying a Computer Case

For most ordinary users, the computer casing may be one of the things that are often taken for granted when buying a new computer. The physical features are usually the only considerations made, however, buying a computer case is part and partial in choosing a good personal computer. The quick guide below will help you understand what to look for when buying a computer case and the components.


The main function of a computer case is, of course, to house and protect all the internal hardware inside your computer. The computer case comes with a power supply that connects to the motherboard which should be properly bolted inside the casing. The metal casing also serves as a ground to protect from any electrical charge.


Size – desktop and mini-towers are very attractive but these types have limited room for expansion when you want to upgrade or add some other internal hardware. The midsize and full towers are the better choices.

Number of drive bays or expansion bays – this is where you install your hard drives, DVD-roms, CD-roms, etc… The minimum is usual three drive bays but when you go for the full tower casing, you can have as many as seven or more drive bays.

Design – it should have an aerodynamic design that provides good airflow, and the casing should be strong to ensure that the components inside are sufficiently protected and secured.

Power supply – choose the 300 watts to get your motherboard, processor and other components boosted.

Cooling system – this is important to control the air circulation inside your computer. Ideally there should be a fan at the front to draw cool air from outside and another fan at the back to blow out the hot air from inside.

The above features are very important considerations when buying a computer case to match your hardware.


Another essential criterion that you should know if you are buying a computer case for your components is the type. There are two different types of casing and these are the AT and the ATX. The AT model is already outmoded and the ATX (for advance technology extended) is the form that is commonly used to support the ATX motherboard and power supply.

There are many good models to choose from such as the ones listed below:

Antec Nine Hundred Steel ATX which is touted as the gamer pc case. It has a tri-cool exhaust fan and can accommodate 6 hard disk drives.

Cooler Master CM690 II which is a mid-tower size that can accommodate three VGA cards and has an improved airflow with its oversized mesh.

Antec 1200 ATX is a high-end full-tower casing that features 12 drive bays.

Thermaltake level 10 Aluminum ATX – is a top of the line gaming tower casing that is quite expensive but is highly praised for its design.

Go to your trusted dealer and ask for help when buying a computer case and other computer components if you are not decided yet on what to get. Just be sure that you already know what your needs are and the extent of your computer usage. Deciding on a good computer casing is an important decision especially when you intend to upgrade your hardware in the future.

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