May 24, 2024

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Portable Mini Hidden Spy Cameras With Built-In DVR – Product Reviews

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You may already know that hidden spy cameras are best ‘hidden in plain sight’ as they say. The more innocuous it is the better.

Most hidden spy cameras are stationary-wall clocks, exit signs, alarm clocks, boom boxes, etc. They offer the ‘hidden in plain sight’ characteristic and as an added benefit they can usually be plugged into a nearby wall outlet for power.

Until recently there were no portable alternatives. Technology is on the move as always and the developments in the field make you the beneficiary. There are at least three portable mini hidden spy cameras now that all have built in DVR’s.

The first is the ‘stick hidden camera’ which is about the size of small pack of gum. It is incredibly small. Another is the ‘pen hidden camera’ a working ball point pen.

These both have built in audio and video recording capability with a 2 GB DVR. A built in lithium battery last up to two hours. It is recharged by plugging the USB cable into your computer.

Recordings are made with 352X288 resolution and 300,000 pixels. To playback connect the USB cable to your computer. They both have pocket clips for hands free recording.

They are simple, affordable at $100 or less, and very easy to use making it the perfect on the fly solution for difficult applications that require portability. Oh did I mention it records in color too?

The third is a wire-free wristwatch that contains the latest in miniaturized video technology. There’s a color camera, microphone, power source, and a huge 4 GB Digital Video Recorder (DVR) inside a stylish silver watch. The watch is also fully functional.

When you are ready to view the video or recharge the built-in lithium battery (full battery runs 2 hours), simply plug the watch into your computer’s USB port. No additional software is required to view the video but you will need an MPEG-4 viewer such as the latest version of Windows Media Player.

It is compatible with 98/ME/2000/2003/ XP/VISTA OS and Linux. Video is recorded in AVI format, no conversion needed. Just double click the file and it will play in Windows Media Player.

These three high tech tools are the perfect solution for the professional Private Investigator or undercover law enforcement official. They also are the answer for any situation that demands a mobile solution like a domestic violence dispute or office harassment situation.

As always technical support is available at no extra cost.

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