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Portable GPS Selling Guide – Making The Ultimate Unlocked GPS Devices Listing

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Portable GPS Selling Guide – Making The Ultimate Unlocked GPS Devices Listing
Portable GPS Selling Guide – Making The Ultimate Unlocked GPS Devices Listing

Almost everyone nowadays are into some form of gadgetry in one way or another, may it be media players, smartphones, eBook readers and tablets. Surely, these same people would go gaga over portable GPS navigational devices that not only give them location coordinates via satellite but all these additional features as well. As an entrepreneur, you can cash in from this amazing trend by making an ultimate listing of ‘unlocked’ GPS devices on your website or e-store.

The Chinese Wholesale Market and Unlocked Portable GPS Devices

Starting an online gadget business selling unlocked portable GPS devices can be a real profitable deal if you would just learn the ropes and take heed of all the considerations. There are several Chinese wholesalers selling a wide variety of portable GPS device models that you can market and you can get them at amazingly low wholesale prices – as compared to branded units from Europe and other parts of the globe.

On top of that, many of these wholesale Chinese suppliers even offer no additional shipping charges for bulk orders from them. That would give you additional savings which will directly go to your bottom line. Aside from that, a good number of these Chinese suppliers offer drop shipments for their products which basically means they ship products directly to customers once an order is confirmed by you – no more worries about keeping stock!

These Chinese portable GPS devices are packed with all the advanced features one can find from these gadgets. You may be surprised that some of them even have more advanced features than some of the branded ones such as larger touchscreen displays and multimedia features.

The only problem with these devices is that they don’t come with pre-installed licensed portable GPS software. This is necessary to minimize the cost of procurement for these products. Branded models usually come and are ‘locked” with proprietary licensed software and are sold at a premium. ‘Unlocked’ units are not bound to a particular software application and can be installed with anything compatible. It would be up to the user, or the distributor, to provide licensed software for an additional cost.

Hardware quality can be comparable with branded portable GPS models. The only problem would be the lack or difficulty of technical support coming from these Chinese suppliers – who are located half a world way. This would pose quite a problem with warranties as well as technical assistance should you be faced with a client brandishing a non-functioning GPS device.

Important Considerations if You Want to Sell Unlocked Portable GPS Devices

The great thing with wholesale Chinese portable GPS devices is the great leverage you can have with price tags. One thing to consider before putting price tags to your items is to compare prices from branded suppliers as well as other listings. The great thing here is that you can sell these at prices much lower than branded units, or even other listings for unlocked portable GPS device, and still make a killing.

When creating a listing, inform your potential customers at once that these ‘unlocked’ units are sold without pre-installed software. It should be clear to them that software can be bought and installed separately, either through you (if you’re selling software too) or through other sources at their discretion. It would be important though to include information about compatible software such as Windows CE in your listing, to give your clients and idea of what applications should work well and what will not with their units.

Another important thing to include in your listing is additional information about the hardware make-up of the models you carry. Important things to include are the type of processor, memory capacity, external storage, connectivity and other information that gadget-enthusiasts would be looking for. Look at other listings to see what they feature.

Marketing ‘unlocked’ portable GPS devices can be a profitable business for you, as long as you make careful considerations about important things you should know before jumping in to the ballgame. Learning everything there is about your products, what your customers are looking for, and how you can present what you know in a very informative and engaging manner can surely win your customers’ support – and their payments as well!

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