July 11, 2024

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One of My Favorite New Gadgets Available!

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One of My Favorite New Gadgets Available!
One of My Favorite New Gadgets Available!

At least for the moment anyway. There are constantly gadgets and new technology popping up every single day. From iPods that fit in your back pocket and fit 4000 songs, to James Bond watches that actually do James Bond “stunts” to 3 inch laptops, we really have a lot of different things to choose from. If I was a billionaire, I would spend all my money on fast cars and gadgets. Lots and lots of gadgets! In this article, I’m going to list my favorite gadget of the moment.

Video Glasses are really starting to become incredibly popular. I first found out about these when I was on a plane heading to the south of Florida, they had one of these little gadget sky mall magazines, and as I was flipping through it I found these cool little video glasses. At first look your either going to ooh and ahh or you’re going to completely miss the point and sigh about “another” ridiculous gadget hitting the shelves. For your information, these glasses are awesome! So how do they work? Simple, these glasses can be connected to your PC or laptop through the VGA and or AV jack and function as a monitor to play games online or watch movies online. You can also use these glasses to connect to your video game console and watch the game through the glasses.

By “through” the glasses I mean, there is a small virtual screen “in” the glasses, when you look straight ahead or in some cases side to side, you can see the video being played as well as hear the sounds through tiny speakers that are implanted on the glasses. Listed below are some of the specs for these virtual glasses:

Video Glasses 80′ EVG920D
*Breathtaking 3D feature for unbelievable stereoscopic game and movie experience
*Can work on any operation system, and any computers that support 640*480 resolution
*Auto switching between different video system, Pal/Ntsc/Secam
*Standard Nokia Mobile batteries in-built, removable, chargeable and exchangeable.
*Compact and light weighted trendy design
*Low power consumption
*Adjustable volume
*4 hours continuous play after one full charge
*Resolution: 640 * 480 (VGA)
*Color depth:24-bit input
*Viewing Angle: 35 degrees diagonal
*Audio: Dual-channel stereo
*3D Feature: Field Sequential 3D stereoscopic VGA signal
*Video input format: VGA (60Hz), Composite AV (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) input, S-Video (optional)
– USB cable
– VGA cable
– AV cable

These things are just incredible, and honestly the price isn’t half bad either, your looking at around $300. I kind of like the price because for one thing you know they aren’t going to be some cheap product that is going to break the next day and for two you know this product is made for stability, comfort, usage, and convenience. If it was $15, I would be a little worried personally!

Here are a couple other video gasses you can also take a look at. All of these vary in prices as well as specs and accessories:

Lunettes video EVG180 –
This device can be connected to various multimedia players like portable DVD player, portable media player, game console, game pad, and digital or analog TV tuner etc to work as a display. User can enjoy exclusive and portable fun wherever they go.

Video Eye wear Recorder EVR130 –
Quality Polaroid Lens from brand makers. Includes a 1.3 mega pixels pinhole CMOS camera for clear digital recording. User-friendly operation button for easy control. Sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women users. Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed. Built in 2G memory for as long as 5 hours video recording. Real time recording, never let memorable moments sneak away from life.

MT320 Mobile Theatre Video Glasses –
80inch Virtual Display, 16.7mega colors, enjoy movies, music, game, photos and favorite books everywhere you go. Economical design, sleek looking, light weight, very comfortable! User-friendly U/I back lit control enables the usage even in dark situations.

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