July 11, 2024

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Nokia 6700 Classic – The Feature Rich Phone at an Affordable Price

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The Nokia 6700 Classic is being called as the upgrade version of the hugely popular Nokia 6300. In other words, add some more features to the already overflowing specifications list and spruce up the design a little bit with the result being the all new 6700 edition. Wrapped inside its sleek chrome body are more features than one can handle, and that too at an affordable cost. Indeed one of the better all-round gadgets to be introduced by Nokia in recent years.

The display is bright and lively, enabling users to watch videos with effortless ease. Nokia has elegantly taken advantage of this feature by adding a dedicated mobile YouTube application. Users also benefit from some innovative features unique to this gadget. This include silencing calls by just turning the phone over a flat surface. Its stainless steel body shines brightly, albeit being a little susceptible to fingerprints. Overall, there is very little to fret over its design which is sleek, stylish and compact- all at the same time.

The Nokia 6700 classic comes with the good old interface that is so effortlessly easy to use. The simplicity of navigation zipping around at a frightening speed is indeed worth appreciating. The handset allows users to stay in touch with their friends and social circle in style. This is because of its ability for composing SMS, MMS, IM and Email without any hassles. Apart from exchanging those funny messages, users can also access the social networking sites and get right into the latest gossips. The gadget boasts of a decent Internet support enabling sound and reliable browsing. View both full HTML as well as mobile version web pages.

Another star feature of the 6700 is its sophisticated camera functionality. At 5.0 mega pixel and LED flash, it is capable of capturing some quality shots even under dim light conditions. Additionally, the handset also supports video recording at 640×480 resolutions at 15 frames per second. Hence, users can easily take those amusing photos of their buddies and quickly share them online, as well as record some memorable videos on the go. Nokia has also given due consideration to the music lovers via the dedicated media player. Allowing users to play enchanting music whenever they feel like, it plays a wide range of audio codecs including MP3, AAC, and WMA. Sorting your playlist is easy which can be performed in Artist, Album, Playlist and so on.

For all those readers who are wondering as to where to store their music collection before playing them through the media player, here is the good news. The Nokia 6700 classic comes with decent memory capabilities. It has a 170 MB of internal storage with a 1 GB card bundled in. Hence, users with heavy data storage requirement may easily upgrade the memory and store their favorite songs, videos and other files to their heart’s content. There are also useful utilities like the much improved Nokia maps to take advantage of. Facebook, YouTube and MySpace can be accessed easily via their dedicated applications, a feature which is all the more relevant these days.

Overall, the 6700 classic is just the perfect answer to the quest for a budget savvy, function rich phone. Treat yourself with some innovative applications, catchy looks and advanced features- all at an affordable cost.

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