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Nokia 6151 – Cost Effective Technology

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Nokia 6151 – Cost Effective Technology
Nokia 6151 – Cost Effective Technology

Modern UK is witnessing a major boom in the field of mobile telephony. In such scenario, mobile manufacturers are employing better ways to allure their target costumers. Nokia 6151 seems to have been made keeping in view those consumers who long for high tech gadgets but are abstained from doing so because of their high cost. For them, Nokia 6151 has come as a gratification of their dreams.

The 6151 fits very well into the pocket of consumers as an economical phone and yet offers features like any high-tech device. It comes in a conventional candybar design that makes it look like a typical business phone. Nokia 6151 has a built in 3G WCDMA broadband connection that provides it great coverage all across the globe. Also it works on Tri-band GSM network that facilitates international roaming. It features a Bluetooth device while GPRS and EDGE facilitates high speed data transfer. This gadget also supports e-mail client that enables sending or receiving emails at a high speed.

This gadget has been equipped with 1.3 MP camera that offers a reasonable clarity. As far as entertainment is concerned, it has been equipped with a digital music player that is capable of playing music in MP3, M4A & eAAC+ formats. Further, its visual FM radio keeps you informed about the world and never lets you feel bored. Its 30 MB memory seems puny but it can be expanded with microSD card that is sufficient for any amount of data storage.

Since it is a economy class phone, the manufacturers have missed out on some of the very important features in this phone. First, it doesn’t support video calling that should be possible with any 3G phone. Secondly, it has a poor display with 128×160 pixel display that doesn’t work well with this business phone (If by any means, it is one).

Nokia 6151 is great phone for those who want technology in a cheap price. If you think that this phone is for you, go ahead and get it!

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