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Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster – A Must Have Toy for Christmas 2011

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Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster – A Must Have Toy for Christmas 2011
Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster – A Must Have Toy for Christmas 2011

On September 2011, Nerf has release a new line of products called the Vortex Series. This series utilize a new shooting system never seen before on any previous Nerf guns. Among them, the most anticipated blaster would be the Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster.

The Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster use a new innovative shooting system unlike its predecessors. It uses an accelerator technology to shoot the bullet and can shoot rapidly like Nerf Stampede. This new tech is powerful enough and can shoot to an extreme range, up to 60 feet. Combined with rapid-burst fire ability, this blaster is going to be the arch rival of the dreaded Nerf Stampede.

Another thing that differentiates the Vortex Series and the previous models is the bullet. The Vortex Series introduces a disk bullet to the toy instead the well-known dart bullet. They’re made of soft and durable foam and look like a mini frisbee. The Nitron Blaster can hold 20 disks in a magazine and it has storage place for additional ammo power.

This blaster also comes with a scope that has some fancy lights in it to help you with your aims. It’s doesn’t seem to be needed much rather than giving the blaster a cool appearance, because the Nitron Blaster is supposed to be like a machine gun not a sniper gun. It’s cool to see the lights running inside the scope, though. It makes the blaster looks like a weapon from sci-fi movies.

Nerf Vortex Vigilon is the smaller version of the Nitron Blaster. If Nitron it the rifle, then Vigilon is the pistol. The Vigilon blaster uses same technology as Nitron but can only holds 5 disks per magazine. Still it a handy weapon to have during a battle with peers because of its light weight nature and is easier to aim. If you’re out of bullet you can reload a new one easily. It has one touch clip release button to quickly drop the empty clip, then you can reload and you ready to shoot.

The new Vortex Series is surely going to be the hottest toys for boys on this upcoming holiday season especially the Nitron Blaster and Vigilon Gun. If you’re looking to get one, you can check out the Nerf Vortex Nitron reviews or Nerf Vortex Nitron best price online today. It is best to get these awesome toys today before the price goes up or worst, they are out of stock.

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