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My First Time Publishing a Kindle eBook in Amazon and How You Can Do the Same

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My First Time Publishing a Kindle eBook in Amazon and How You Can Do the Same
My First Time Publishing a Kindle eBook in Amazon and How You Can Do the Same

As a young man in my secondary school years, I discovered that I was good when it comes to creative writing. Then I use to excel in English Compositions whether in an English language test or examination.

I could easily come up with an imaginative story and do it so well that you will think it actually happened. If asked to recall an interesting experience at my last long vacation; know that you just made my day. I will write and write as if my life depended on it. It came naturally to me and I loved it. I found it so easy to do.

I had thought I would be a Writer/Author, when I grew up. But along the line, I lost interest in writing and found myself in the Accounting profession. But writing still came easily to me.

I lost interest and did not purse a career I writing particularly after reading so many rejection stories of aspiring Writers who had their books of 200-300 pages rejected by every Publishing house they sent it to. All of them had nothing for their efforts except the rejection letter. I was not ready for that. Imagine spending years to write what you think is a masterpiece, only to have your dream turned into a nightmare. I wanted to save myself from this agony. That is why I lost interest in pursuing the writing dream.

Then came Amazon and Kindle Books. Amazon created the Kindle Reader and they needed unlimited contents that people could read on their e Reader. They had to encourage people to write and upload all types of contents on their platform. That is how Kindle Direct Publishing came about.

A lot of aspiring Writers saw this opportunity and jumped on it. Soon there were many stories of people making a killing from this. There was even an unknown writer by name Amanda Hocking who made over a million US dollars from the platform.

Everyday I saw that my dream of being a Writer via Kindle and Amazon could come alive once again. Then I decided to give it a try. I had to publish my first eBook on the Kindle platform.

In this article, I am going to write down my experience.

I remember it just like yesterday. I wrote a story about a girl who had a vision of Jesus Christ. Let s say she had an encounter with Jesus Christ who conducted her on a tour of Heaven and Hell.

I think I read the story several years ago as a kid but it stuck with me as a youth with a christian background; my grandfather was a Pastor and church founder.

It took me a day to do the eBook and another one day to do the editing. And I was ready with my first eBook for the Kindle platform.

From the beginning I found the Kindle platform to be intuitive and very easy to use. I was both surprised and relieved. Uploading my first eBook was a breeze because the Kindle platform automatically converts your document file (in my case a word doc) into the Kindle format. You don’t have to do any conversion by yourself. Just upload the Word doc and you are good to go.

Uploading your cover page for your eBook is also easy. But let me confess here that the ecover almost pushed me away from the platform. Let me explain; I had no technical knowledge of graphic design. I thought it was difficult and I could not be able to do it. How wrong I was.

When I mustard courage and decided to do it, I found that Amazon even has an ecover creator of their own which anyone can use to do a simple but still beautiful ecover. That was what I used and it was a breeze also.

Once I uploaded my Word doc manuscript and ecover, my eBook was approved and live in the Amazon Marketplace in a matter of hours. I still remember the feeling. I was now an Author. My childhood dream and vision has come true.

While uploading my eBook, I found that anything which I was unsure of, was pretty much covered on the Amazon site. If there is anything you don’t understand and you wanted an answer from a human being, you could send an email to Support and get a reply pretty soon.

There were several thousands of titles in every category in the Kindle platform and you needed to put your eBook in the right category if you want to have a good chance of people discovering and buying your eBook.

You have to add keywords to help people search and find your eBook. If people cannot find or see your eBook, the chances of you making any sale is almost zero. That is how it is as the place is very big with so many eBooks.

After publishing my eBook, everyday I would check to see if I had made any sale. Soon I began to see the sales trickle in. It was not much but everyday that I found I made a sale was a very beautiful moment for me.

Let me tell you that then (when I published my first eBook), the platform was not yet as advanced as it is now. Searching for my sales was not as it is now. The results were specific to the various Amazon markets. There are markets for US, Canada, India, UK, Denmark, Germany and so on.

I was only checking the sales for the US market. I thought the results that I had in the US market was all I had. You can imagine my surprise when at the time of getting my first royalty payment, I discovered that I had made over $100 in my first month from the UK market. Hahahaha, I still laugh at that even up till now that I am writing this article.

I have been writing and publishing Kindle eBooks on and off since then. I have been doing this along with so many other things online like Blogging and affiliate marketing. I wish I had focused on Kindle as I realized that this has been a good earner for me.

Even the first eBook still earn today and it has repeatedly done so every month for some years now. Sometimes I imagine what could have been if I concentrated on Kindle publishing and now have like 100 eBooks in my Bookshelf at Amazon.

Maybe I could have retired now. Just kidding. I won’t retire online. It is like a hobby for me. Everyday I like to log online and surf a little and will continue to do so as long as I can. For me, it is just like reading.

Now back to my purpose of writing this article. I want to show you that you can do it. Anyone can write and earn money online using the Kindle platform. You just have to have a little knowledge, skill and the desire to do it. Then get an eBook teaching you how to do it.

There are many eBooks on how to join and profit from the Kindle platform. Many have written about this, including my humble self, because we want to help those who want to work and earn money online.

In this period of covid-19 and the lock-down where many people are out of work, imagine what it can feel like to continue to earn passive income from your kindle eBooks.

As a Kindle publisher, you are your own Boss and can work full time or part time from home. No need to commute daily. For my own eBook on how anyone can easily join and profit from kindle, see my signature at the end of this article. Make sure to check it out.

I encourage everyone to get on the Kindle platform. There is an eBook in everyone. You have an experience that can benefit someone, somewhere in one corner of the world. It could be how you lost your Job and how you survived until you got another job. It could be about how you survived after a bitter divorce. You have got a story which can benefit someone somewhere. Please write and share your knowledge with the world.

Get on the Kindle platform today. You never can tell; maybe you will be one of the Amanda Hockings. Yes they are many Amanda Hockings on the platform today – people who have earned over a million dollars from kindle publishing alone.


Go for it. You can do it!

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