May 23, 2024

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Men’s Underwear – Too Wide a Choice

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When it comes to buying underwear for men, one is confronted with too wide a choice. They come in a variety of types, colors and designs and some are reasonably priced while the others are distinctly costly. It is not possible to review the whole lot of underwear available in the market we can at best only look at a few of them.

Undergear’s website introduces us to an array of styles and brands every season – starting from big names like C-In2 to smaller niche lines like N-Fini. They offer a variety of cuts, designs and colors. One Undergear feature that has not changed much over the years is the Contour line of underwear. The Contour line has always been reasonably priced and the latest thong is no exception.

The underwear of Jameswinston Co. is gaining in popularity due to effective marketing campaign. Sexy new cuts have been added to the previously released boxer brief and trunk styles. Jameswinston Co. is a late entrant to the men’s underwear market but doing brisk business.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about Vizeau underwear in the company’s website. They are a well-established U.S.-based swimwear, underwear and clothing company. The designs of Vizeau are usually sexy and provocative and the pricing is at the premium level. Vizeau releases specific design lines on a seasonal basis that include a variety of cuts from g-strings to boxer briefs.

Go Softwear believes in innovation and constantly diversify their men’s underwear range with a variety of fabrics, a nice array of cuts and colors. One of the newer lines introduced recently is the Metallic Crowns collection available in black with gold details or white with metallic blue details. The material is a 90{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} cotton 10{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} lycra blend which surprisingly is not soft and flexible.

It is worth having a look at the new Tech Active Jockstrap from Calvin Klein. It appears Calvin Klein has a strange marketing strategy. They pull out one line of underwear and then subsequently replace it with a very similar line with a new name the next year. The Tech Active line is Calvin Klein’s new athletic-oriented underwear line meant for active guys or for specific athletic activities.

Gigo Underwear is a Colombian-based underwear label that has been on the market since 2004. Gigo offers a wide-variety of attractive designs and styles that are very eye-catchy. Their designs include bold graphics, metallic foil prints or other interesting design elements like mesh or a shiny metallic finish.

Emporio Armani Logo Essential Stretch Cotton Brief are the infamous David Beckham briefs that have been featured in the ad campaigns. Buyers were curious about the underwear, wondering if the product would live up to the media hype. The hip briefs look good as they have brought out some different design choices that lend them certain uniqueness.

Several intending buyers were keen to know more about the C-In2 Tat-2 Low Rise Brief…These low rise briefs are a recent addition to the C-In2 family. C-In2 Tat-2 Low Rise Brief is certainly more tempting as they go beyond the previously released colors and patterns of the standard line. The fabric and sewing patterns are totally new for C-In2 and are not based off of any previous releases.

The 2Xist brand has been the pioneer in men’s undergarments since its founding in 1991. The 2Xist thong has remained a 2Xist standard throughout the years with just some minor alterations in the design. The 2Xist consists of a 100{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} cotton fabric available in just the basic colors of black and white.

The classic C-In2 thong has been a core offering by the company since inception. The thong is available only in white, gray or black in 100{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} cotton fabric with the classic microfiber C-In2 waistband. Their quality is very consistent and comes with an appropriate cut on the strap lengths for the back.

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