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IT Technician Jobs – Career Information and Outlook

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IT Technician jobs primarily consist of troubleshooting laptop and desktop problems related to software and hardware, including servers, printers and other peripherals. Installation, configuration and maintenance of this software and hardware is also required. Typically, an IT tech is dispatched by the company he or she works for to deal with these issues.

IT Technician Jobs

A more in-depth description of what IT techs are required to do is as follows:

-Maintaining a database of the software used by the company
-Performing backups and archiving information
-Making sure that data protection and copyright laws are respected
-Installing new computer equipment
-Maintaining an inventory of equipment
-Making sure that the company’s network runs smoothly
-Help to purchase new equipment through recommendations
-Making sure that the network is internally and externally secured
-Making sure that internet connectivity and access is running smoothly
-Promoting and managing the use of the company’s Intranet
-Providing IT support for employees
-Advising managers of new developments in software and hardware

According to Tech Republic ( ), a website offering information and resources for IT technicians, diagnosing and eliminating viruses may also be part of an IT technician job description.

Required Skills
In addition to technical skills, IT technicians must also be empathetic, composed and patient. This is because many of the computer users that computer technicians must deal with make the same mistakes time and time again, and many others require hours of individual training to perform even some of the most simplest tasks. It is commonly regarded that those working in this field are anti-social and prefer to be around technology rather than people. This could not be further from the truth, as excellent communication skills and a friendly personality are required for the job.

While IT technician jobs consist of different requirements and duties depending on the nature of the position, the majority of employers only hire individuals who have undergone formal education. Many employers expect applicants to hold an associate’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. However, more employment opportunities and opportunities for career advancement are available to those who have completed a 4-year college degree.

Individuals should be experts in some of the most common software used by businesses, such as ORACLE, MS Explorer and Microsoft Office Suite. A large number of IT techs enrol in certificate problems in order to improve their existing skills and to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Salary & Career Outlook
The demand for IT techs is estimated to grow at a faster rate than the majority of all other professions. This is due to businesses adopting new technology, particularly mobile technology, which creates the need for IT technicians to educate computer users.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for IT technician jobs stands at $42,000. However, this number can vary significantly depending on the type of work, industry, experience and company worked for.

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