July 11, 2024

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HTC Touch Diamond 2 – Buy the Best Gadget

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HTC Touch Diamond 2 – Buy the Best Gadget
HTC Touch Diamond 2 – Buy the Best Gadget

HTC Touch Diamond 2 is one of the recently launched phones in the market that has created a huge impact right from its onset. This new phone, which comes with a touch screen feature, is a wonderful buy if you are looking for a mobile phone that is much more than a communication device. Want to know more about it and bargain for the best mobile phone deal? Read on as we tell you…

Windows Mobile 6.1 is enabled in this phone and it also has a TouchFlo 3D feature. The size of the phone is only 102 x 51 x 11.5mm and it weighs 110 grams. It is quite light and small 3.5G smart phone. The screen of the phone is bigger than screens of average phone. Screen size of this phone is 2.8 inches. While rotating the screen, one can flip the screen from portrait orientation to landscape orientation. HTC Touch Diamond has VGA resolution display. Not many phones in the market have this feature. Therefore, it can increase the demand of this phone.

HTC Touch Diamond has an excellent finish. Its front side has finish which appears like stylish shiny glass. But the design on the back of this handset is much more appealing that that in the front. Appearance of the HTC Touch Diamond back is similar to that of Nokia Prism. The excellent back design of the phone has appealed to the mobile phone users.

Assisted GPS feature of the HTC Touch Diamond is also a great feature of this cell phone. This would help the user to find the directions easily. One would be able to find the locations of distant places with the GPS facility. 3.5G data is also another advantage of this new phone. With the help of this facility, users would be able to download 7.2MB per second. This phone also supports HSUPA, which enables high speed upload. Connectivity features available in this phone are also quite good. It provides multiple connectivity features like USB 2.0, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE. HTC Touch Diamond also has the provision to play FM radio. The phone also has compatibility with documents of Microsoft Office and push email support. Users of this phone can play video and audio with the Windows Media Player.

Nowadays, cell phones are not only used to communicate but also serve as entertainment options. Cell phones handsets are much more than a device for communication. Someone who wants to have a media friendly phone can opt for the HTC Touch Diamond. Multiple features of the phone with an elegant look have made it popular among users.

HTC Diamond is a great improvement on the earlier HTC phones. It has MSM 7201A 528MHz processor instead of a 400 MHz processor. With 192 MB RAM, the interface of the phone is expected to be quite faster than the earlier phones of the company. 3.2 mega pixel camera of the phone comes with auto focus facility. The excellent browser if the phone is also expected to attract a large number of cell phone users. The phone has most of the facilities that a user might search in a media friendly phone. One can make a profitable deal by opting for this phone.

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