July 11, 2024

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Good and Bad News and Also Rumors Concerning Android

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The gadget industry seems to be busy enough lately, especially with the starting of a new year that makes every gadget manufacturers ready to produce new products and compete against each other. Well, a bit news from Android world. It seems that Android operating system managed to outnumber Apple’s seen from consumers’ ads respond, according to December report from Millennial Media. Android got 46{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} favors, while Apple got 32{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c}. On the third place, there was BlackBerry RIM with 16{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c}, followed by Nokia Symbia with 2{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c} and Microsoft Windows Mobile with 1{3541c2865dfe3aaa4a0d6e0ad434924bdd555405453a0b02252a16dc38e32a5c}. Millennial Media predicted that 2011, Android, RIM, and even Symbian will be tough competitors for Apple. So Apple should be careful and watch their back.

Meanwhile, there’s some bad news to Samsung Galaxy tablet owners who expect their device to run Android 3.0 – the Honeycomb. The tablet won’t have the right hardware that allows the operating system to run well. So if you’re one of the tablet owners, don’t expect your device to be able to be upgraded to Honeycomb OS. But there are several other devices that already using the ARM Cortex-A9 processor and they can use the Honeycomb operating system.This is a very disappointing new for tablet owners because who want to buy a tablet that won’t give such satisfying result? You probably might as well buy the iPad instead, especially with the new upcoming iPad, which is said to come with developed technology and performance.

Well, enough with sad news and continue to another news. Hopefully this following news can offer a consolation for those who disappointed with the Honeycomb. Google is also trying to develop Android 2.4 – the Ice Cream – and is said to be launched in May. But it’s still rumors with no clarification or statement from Google. It seems that Google want to slow everything down after they released Android 2.3 – the Gingerbread – in December. However, if Google truly is going to launch the Ice Cream in May, it seems that the company has decided to have two branches of Android use: the Android 3.0 is intended for tablet devices, while the Android 2.x is intended for cell phones and smaller portable devices. I guess, we just have to wait and see.

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