December 3, 2023

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Fortune High Tech Marketing – A Review of the FHTM System and Compensation Plan

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Well, there is such a company that has been designed to offer everyone the opportunity to do just that. Fortune High Tech Marketing or FHTM has developed a system and a business that allows you to become your own middle man earning a percentage of most of your monthly bills including, cell phone, satellite dish, cable, home phone, roadside assistance just to name a few. Let me explain.

If you have ever purchased an item or device that requires a constant payment or contract then Have you ever thought to yourself? “There has to be a way to make money on all these bills that I pay out every month!”. If I told you that there was a way to earn kickbacks on most of you monthly bills and expenses by becoming your own middle man, you would think “sounds to be good to be true”. OK, one more, could it be possible to benefit and make a secure income off of “other peoples” bills. NOW I’M JUST NUTS!! Or am I….

You have undoubtedly filled out some paperwork with an ID # at the top. That ID # is associated with the person or third party that sends your paper work to another company to start the billing process. Every month that third party gets a cut of your monthly bill just for setting up you contract “1” time. FHTM has set up their own third party contacts with an ID that belongs to you. So after you fill out the paper work or sign the monthly contract, “you” earn the percentage kick back at the end of the month.

But, it doesn’t end there. FHTM also provides a network marketing compensation plan with instant bonus return for every sign up to your organization. The plan is built on a 3x3x3 schema. Your first 3 “partners” that sign up will gain enough bonus cash to pay for the start up fee. Every sign up bonus is then direct profit. Once these new partners are then established, you will start to earn a percentage off of their monthly bills and purchases and so on and so on. Once your organization reaches 12 (3×3), then you will receive an instant bonus for every sign up within your organization regardless if you did not personally sign them up or not.

One good thing that you have with the FHTM structure is that you have full customizable control over your organization. You may sign up new partners and place them where ever it benefits you the most so you can obtain the maximum potential out of all your partners.

However, the problem with most network marketing opportunities is that people began to have trouble signing up new partners as they exhaust the “pivotal” friends and family list. FHTM does offer a great back office and coaching portion to their online website, but I have found a great training and lead generation website. It provides step by step instruction on how to use multiple techniques to help you manage your own back office, create custom capture pages, an ultimately develop a personalized system that will generate leads for you to keep your business in business. And, get this, to have customer and potential members create income for you without joining your business.

FHTM has created one of the best opportunities to gain financial security without having to spend a lot of money into services or goods because it is basically modifying the good and services that you already own and “earning a kickback” off those payments. That combined with this awesome training and lead generation website will give you all the necessary tools to truly become “financially secure”.

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