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Effective Means of Data Backup and Recovery

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With every passing day we generate more and more data that relates to various parts of our life. Data is found and stored in different forms to serve different purposes. Documents, reports, images are some form of data we come across everyday at our home or office. When data is being generated at frequent intervals, its storage and proper back up becomes a challenging task. To keep them safe for long we need proper data back plan.

Data plays an important role in both our personal and professional domain and it requires to be protected with adequate backup plans. In case you lose it you can recover it through the backup and you remain unfazed. Data backup and data recovery are interrelated and need to be ensured simultaneously. An experienced computer support service is considered the best means of applying various means and tools to ensure backup and recovery of your data.

Following are some common backup solutions to keep your data safe and secure:

Tape Drives

Tape drives are the most common backup devices available today. Magnetic tape cartridges are used for storing data in tape drives. These devices do not cost more but they are not reliable. They complain about repeatedly losing information. The storing capacity of these cartridges ranges between 100 MB to 2 GB.

Digital audio tape (DAT) drives

DAT drives are now preferred over standard tape drives for effective data backup. You need to spend more money for DAT drives but at the same time you also get more speed and capacity. An ideal DAT drive comes with 4 mm tape and can record over 30 MB per minute and can store data up to 16 GB.

Magnetic optical drives

Magnetic optical drives are modern means of data backup. It employs magnetic tape technology and optical lasers and offer more reliable data backup solution than DAT drives. Disks similar to floppies are used in the size of 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch with magnetic optical drives in these magnetic optical drives. It can store data between 1 GB and 4 GB.

Removable disks

Removable disks are among the most used data backup devices nowadays. They can store data with high-speed and offer convenience of using it for a single drive and single system backup. With more features it is slightly more expensive than the DAT drives.

Means you should opt for data recovery

You employ the above mentioned solutions to take a proper backup of your data and try to keep them safe. But you may lose them due to the following reasons and then require effective means of data recovery. However, the experienced computer support technicians offer the best help in data recovery, you can also try to get it back yourself.

• Data is deleted by mistake
• File got corrupt and deleted by Scandisk
• File is deleted by another program
• File is password protected

As we discussed earlier that data backup and recovery are interrelated – through data backup you get your data back if you accidentally delete or lose it. You can restore it without difficulty if you have secured a proper backup. In some cases you need to refer to a professional computer support service that can help you with the right kind of resource to get your data back.

Following are some commonly used means of data recovery:

Data recovery software

Data recovery software is the frontline data recovery solution today. Despite being a bit expensive they are used widely to recover important data held by either an individual or organization. Some of these software are free to use but those which are more effective can only be used after buying them.

Calling to a professional computer support service provider with expertise in data recovery

In case you have lost or deleted your data and you are not able to retrieve it through backup devices then the safest, convenient and economical way of retrieving it is to call a professional tech support company. The certified technicians employed by these service providers use advanced tools and techniques to recover your data within very less time.

Data play an important role in our life. In case we lose them, we need to get it back without losing much time. A professional computer support service fits to the requirement with their quick and convenient service. You can call a computer support technician anytime during day and night or at the time that suits you most. Moreover, you get the entire thing done online via internet that again adds to your convenience.

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