July 11, 2024

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Does Online Social Media and Networking Promote Social “ism” in Our Society?

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Does Online Social Media and Networking Promote Social “ism” in Our Society?
Does Online Social Media and Networking Promote Social “ism” in Our Society?

Now then, we’ve all watched the incredible expansion of social networks and social media like MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ in recent years. In fact, these social networks have been used by populations to overthrow their governments. Mass groups of unsatisfied citizens, using these networks to get out the word, stage a protest, and alert the media and the world. Okay so, I have a question for you; do these online media websites and social networking companies inadvertently promote socialism?

Okay so, social media and social networks promote all sorts of things, and it of course depends on the different groups which get together online. They might very well promote freedom, liberty, anarchy, capitalism, communism, or socialism. They might promote a religion, global warming, or a major candidate, or political party for office. In fact, they’ve done all of those things, and we see trends all over the place. Still, social media allows people to get together, and when that happens; trends form, grow, and then affect the whole of society, perhaps even globally.

What sorts of trends are being formed, and how big they grow does matter. If they grow too fast, they could cause chaos, anarchy, and take down the stability of a country. They might also insight a strong sense of nationalism which could lead to socialism, or promote capitalism. It is not an either/or answer, however whenever trends move forward, they tend to move much faster online in these networks than they do in real life. This can cause problems.

President Obama and his committee to get him elected along with his handlers and promoters did quite a good job harnessing the power of social media, and many of the ideas, and comments spoken into the Teleprompter during his campaign reflected polls, percentages, and growing trends online. In many regards one could say that social media has promoted socialism in the United States, but for a staunch Republican, or even the tea party, it could very well promote capitalism, free markets, and responsible government.

Therefore, as to the question; does social media and social networking promote socialism – the answer is yes, of course, but it also promotes all sorts of other things as well. One unfortunate problem is if all the people get together and start demanding free stuff, and they obligate their politicians to go out and get what they demand or refuse to reelect them, then they could very well drive a stake through capitalism, and send the United States of America into downtrends of socialism. In other words yes, we should be concerned, and keep an eye on things. Please consider all this and think on it.

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