July 11, 2024

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Cool Smartphone Gadgets

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Cool Smartphone Gadgets
Cool Smartphone Gadgets

There are many cool gadgets available on the internet today. If you are looking for some awesome smartphone gadgets, here is a list of some pretty awesome gadgets for your dear phone that you have to check out!


The selfie ring is a piece of equipment that you put around your phone. It then shines a light directed on your face to give you soft, natural looking light. People sometimes wonder how all those Instagram celebrities take their photos. This gadget might be a step on the way to take the perfect picture.


The smart watch is a great compliment for your phone. You don’t only get rid of the effort to bring up your phone from your pocket or bag each time you want to check the time, you now also have to chance to check messages, play music and even take photos from your wrist. Simply awesome!


It is really irritating when you are charging your phone and there seems to be no good place to put it while it is charging. Perhaps even more irritating is those low quality cables that come with the phone, which breaks within a few months.

This standing charging cable for your smart phone will solve both of those issues. This cable has the benefit of working as a stand for your phone, so that you can enjoy a movie, YouTube or even gaming comfortably, while charging.

It is also really thing, and provides maximum charging speed, which makes it an overall amazing gadget.


There are few feelings that beat the sensation when you are walking down the street enjoying one of your favorite songs. It feels like you own the world! It would be a shame if you didn’t look as cool as you feel doing so!

These headphones are among the coolest you will get your hands on! With their colorful appearance you know you will look as fashionable as ever.

The battery in these wireless headphones will charge in a few hours and have a stand by time of up to 120 hours. The size of the battery will also guarantee that you will be able to keep playing the whole day!

This headset will meet all of your requirements. It is made of premium UV and has foldable design. The most exciting function is that it supports TF cards (up to 32G), which allows you to listen to music without connecting to phone or computer. You can also use a cable to connect it with your phone or other device.

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