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Better Networker MLM Social Media Portal Review

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Better Networker MLM Social Media Portal Review
Better Networker MLM Social Media Portal Review

The Better Networker Website is an MLM Social Media Portal that appears to have been registered in October 2007. This Website is owned by Magnetic Sponsoring, LLC which is one of Mike Dillard’s companies. This website is an interactive, forum based website which centers itself on offering free advice regarding how to succeed in Network Marketing and also covers Home Business Success, Internet Marketing and Web 2.0 topics as well. As of the time of this writing this website was getting about 54,000 unique visitors per month, which definitely makes it a high traffic portal site.

The Better Networker Website starts off with a Free Articles section. I must honestly say that the topics covered are a lot Broader than just Network Marketing. Just in the first page alone I saw a post on Mastering Automated Follow-ups. Another post mentioned that it wasn’t smart to work for someone else. Then the next one covered 5 tips for getting Website Traffic Fast using 5 quick tips. Another post covered saving money on standard office supplies. So you can see there are a broad range of topics in the article section.

The next section the Better Networker MLM Portal covers is video. It appears you can submit your videos here as well. Same as the article section, just about anything you can think of is covered here. There was even a personal video of a guy wanted to get out and Ride his Harley Davidson this afternoon. Another one was asking for advice on his video regarding what people think he should do now that he’s losing his recruiting steam. Another video covered how to generate dozens of the Best MLM Leads. And one was asking advice on how to motivate his organization.

Next is the Podcast Section. You can submit Podcasts on the Better Networker Website as well if that’s what you are into and like to do. I saw one from Mike Dillard covering how to make $50,000 a month working less than 3 hours per day. He’s basically promoting some Virtual Assistant Software. Another Podcast I noticed on the front page is why you need Video in your marketing plan. Another gentlemen posted a Podcast that will show you how to get out of the rat race.

The Better Networker Website also has a managed forum. You can go here and participate in either MLM, Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing topics which are all covered. What sounded cool to me anyway is that they offer a Tech Advice column where you can get questions answered regarding setting up a Website or a Blog. This tech section covers a very broad range of topics. Other topics covered in the forum of course are all of Mike Dillards Products which include Magnetic Sponsoring, MLM Traffic Formula and Building on a Budget.

Better Networker also has a resource section filled with URL’s on how to build traffic as well as specific tools you’ll need to get your MLM Business off on the right foot. It covers Autoresponders, Blogs, Copywriting, Google, Merchant Accounts, Press Releases, SEO, Outsourcing and much more. You can even earn reward points by participating in the forum. The rewards they’ll offer for participating haven’t been posted yet, but they do claim that they’ll by mentioning specific rewards soon. But even without the rewards, this is a great place to meet fellow Network Marketers and get some of your tough questions answered for free.

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