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World Resources Institute (WRI) Seeking Experienced Consulting Firm To Outline the Feasibility of Applying Lessons from China’s Ecological Conservation Redline Initiative Within Ethiopia’s National Planning Framework


World Resources Institute (WRI) is an independent, nonprofit global research  organization that turns big ideas into action at the nexus of environment,  economic opportunity and human well-being. WRI established a Regional  Office for Africa based in Addis Ababa since December 2017. We are seeking  experienced consulting firm to outline the feasibility of applying lessons from  China’s Ecological Conservation Redline initiative within Ethiopia’s national  planning framework. The firm will work with the country team of the Food and  Land Use Coalition and representatives of the Environment Forest Climate Change  Commission (EFCCC).


  1)   LEGAL

  • A detailed company profile with clear technical and financial  proposals.
  • A renewed business license for the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year,
  • Valid VAT Registration Certificate and Tax Identification Number  (TIN)


This assignment can be ‘performed by a single consultant or a team. However, we only accept application from a firm and the firm should propose an individual or a team with  the following qualifications or experiences: .

  • Advanced degree in Biodiversity/Conservation Management,  Natural Resource Management, and Environmental Sciences;
  • At least 10 years of experience in biodiversity conservation  assessment (preferably in the context of protected area and  biodiversity assessment);
  • Strong understanding of Ethiopia’s political practices, knowledge  of existing body of laws, regulations, and procedures’ governing  land use, and working experience with relevant GOE Ministries  and government official concerned with- biodiversity conservation  and protected areas;
  • Demonstrated experience/good track record of in the testing the  applicability of strategies, intervention, politics/approaches
  • Good general knowledge of global biodiversity and international conservation   issues   including   relevant   environmental  conventions and instruments are is plus;

Interested applicants can obtain a Terms of Reference (ToR) in electronic  format from Gubignet Tekle (Gubignet.tekle@wri.org) until 5:00 pm October  25,2020 while all proposals must be submitted by  5:00 pm  October 30,2020 to Sofia.Ahmed@wrj.org and copy Gubignet.Tekle@wri.org. Please use the  following format for the email subject line: Consultancy to Test the Feasibility of Applying lessons from China’s Ecological Conservation Redline Initiative in  Ethiopia. All proposals must be submitted in electronic format.