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Water, Education Economic Empowerment and Medical Care Alliance (WEEMA) International Invites All Contracts of Category WWC/GC Class 6 and Above with Renewed License Valid for the Year 2020 G.C or 2013 E.C for Providing the Necessary Labor, Material, Equipment, and Service for the Construction of Mudula and Wissisa WASH Project at Sigazo Kebele of Tembaro Woreda, Kembata Tembaro Zone, SNNPR.


Water, Education Economic empowerment and Medical care Alliance (WEEMA) international now invites all contracts of category WWC/GC class 6 and above with renewed license valid for the year 2020 G.C or 2013 E.C for providing the necessary labor, Material, Equipment and service for the construction of Mudula and Wissisa WASH project at Sigazo kebele of Tembaro Woreda, Kembata Tembaro zone, SNNPR.

Hence, if your firm has valid license for the current year, you can obtain a complete set of bidding document from the head office of WEEMA international finance department, Addis Ababa up on submission of legal document and upon payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 100.00 /one hundred Birr/ within 7 (seven) consecutive working days starting from the date of the advertisement of the bid on reporter newspaper. The office is located 500 meter walking distance from back entrance of Bole sub-city administration building and in front of lion security. For detail information please use telephone number +251-11-8688651.

  1. Bidders must submit the technical and financial document separately. The technical and financial documents should have one original and one copy for each, clearly marked “ORIGINAL” and “COPY”. Each envelope shall be stamped and sealed. In the event of any discrepancy between them the original will prevail.
  2. CPO not less than 1% of the bid amount should be submitted with Technical Original document,
  3. The dead line of bid (both technical and financial offers independently) submission shall be on or before 3:00 pm of 7th working day from the date of the advertisement of the bid.
  4. The original and copy of the technical as well as financial document shall be sealed as per the requirements indicated in the data sheet
  5. In preparing the bid document bidders are expected to visit the area of the construction to have enough understanding about construction material and topography by own expense.
  6. Only qualification document will be opened at 3:45 pm of 7th working day from the date of the advertisement of the bid at the head office of WEEMA International. If the 7th date will not be working day the opening will held at the next working day in the same venue and time.
  7. Only financial offers of those bide who score the minimum qualifying point, 50% (Fifty Percent) and above on the technical qualification will be eligible. The financial offers of the bidders who have scored less than the minimum passing point in technical qualification will be returned unopened.
  8. The client shall address the financial opening date and time to the bidders by notice board or through email or via phone call. From eligible contractors, the least price will be selected for work after detail financial analyses based on engineering estimation and weight of average bidders estimation
  9. Any attempt of submission of forged (false) document and /or indication of financial offer on the qualification document shall result in rejection of the bid.

1. It is also very important to note that the following requirements legal status shall be fulfilled in order to purchase tender document

  • 1.1 Renewed trade license for 2020/2013 budget year.
  • 1.2 Commercial Registration Certificate
  • 1.3 Tax payer Registration certificate
  • 1.4 VAT registration certificate

10. There is no advance payment for the works.

11. WEEMA international reserves the right to reject any or allbids.