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Waliya Capital Goods Finance Business ShareCompany (WCGFB) Is Intended To Procure Fruit Juice Processing Plant, Garment and Textile Machines& Equipment’s



  1. Waliya Capital Goods Finance Business ShareCompany (WCGFB) is intended to procure Fruit juice processing plant, Garment and textile machines& equipment for our lease finance clients who are located at HAIK (DEBUB WOLLO) and Bahirdar in Amhara national regional state. All eligible bidders are invited to submit sealed bids through the local COMPETITIVE BID (LCB).
  2. Bidders should present a renewed trade license, Taxpayer registration certificate, and Vat registration certificate when submitting their offer
  3. ) The bid must be accompanied by an acceptable bid bond in the sum equal to 2% of the bid amount at the bidders’ option (in CPO or Cash),
  4. The bidders shall obtain a complete set of bidding documents by paying a non-refundable fee of birr500.00 from WCGFB, Head office on the first floor of a building of Amhara Credit & Saving institution training & Research center kebele 10, Bahir Dar.
  5.  The bid should be delivered in a sealed envelope by any means of Waliya Capital Goods Finance business head office, Bahir Dar Room No. 104 within 20consecutive days (including holidays) since the issuance of this announcement.
  6. Both the financial and technical documents shall be submitted to the WCGFB letter with a separate envelope and wax sealed (One original and one copy).
  7. Bid closing date shall be on the 20th day as of announcement 8:00 local time and opened on the same day at 8:30 local time in the presence of interested bidders or their legal representatives at Head office of WCGFB.If the bid opening date is Holiday, the opening date will be the next working day.
  8.  The company reserves all right to accept or reject any bid, annual the biding process, and reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract, it also reserves the right to modify the bid requirement.

Further information could be obtained from the WCGFB’soffice with the following address.

PO Box 1008TEL. 058 220 67 77/058220 67 58Fax 251-058-220-5342/320 99 18Bahir DarNote: 

  1. All bids shall be sealed and addressed to WaliyaCapital Goods Finance Business Share Company.
  2. The name and address of the bidder, the invitation number, the lot number and the description of the parts there should be legibly written on the envelope

Waliya Capital Goods Finance Business Share Company