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Wako Gutu Foundation (WGF) Invite Bidders For the Purchase of Industrial Materials


For Purchase of Industrial Materials 

Wako Gutu Foundation (WGF) is a local NGO established in 2006 GC and registered by Federal Civil Society Organizations Agency under registration number 0457, WGF would like to purchase of Corrugated Iron sheet Iron nail, Morale, Bondogee plate wine Yebar Madya, and Yeber Mekerikeriya 

Organization Name

Wako Gutu Foundation (WGF)

Procurement Type



Bid No.


Mode of procurement



Procurement type



Fiscal Year

2020 G.C


Bid Description

Corrugated Iron sheet Ory 1,176

Iron nail no.9 Qty 140 KG,

Iron rail no 8 Qty 220 KG,

Iron nail no.5 Qty 52 KG, Roofing nail 140 pack

Morale5*6 952pc

Bondogee plate wire 120kg

Yeber & Meskat Matefiya 224pc,

Yeber & Meskot Mekerikeriya 112pc

Must meet document

1. Renewed trade license for 2012 E.C.

2. Taxpayer registration and Tax Payer Identification Certificate (TIn),

Bid document to be present

complete set of financial documents in a sealed envelope in the tender box prepared for this purpose in the reception office

Bid Opening Date and

15-09-2020 at 3:00 PM at Addis Ababa Wako Gutu Office at presence bidders or their legal representatives.

About THE BID  

Wako Gutu Foundation reserves all rights to accept or reject any or

About the bid

Bid Closing Date and

15-09-2020 a 3:00 PM


Expected Award Date

September 21, 2020


For further information


Wako Gutu Foundation (WGF)

Legehar Beside City Train Ticket Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Procurement & Property Admin Section

PO BOX 11821 Tel 011 5318049



Wako Gutu Foundation