Fertilizer Canada Is Seeking To Form a National Advisory Committee (NAC) To Support Its Advocacy Initiative in Ethiopia and Ghana

Fertilizer Canada is seeking to form a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to support its advocacy initiative in Ethiopia and Ghana

 Terms of Reference (TOR)

Consultant for forming a National Advisory Committee – Ethiopia


The 4R-Nutrient Stewardship Project (4R-NSP), is a five-year initiative funded by Global Affair Canada (GAC) with contribution from the Co-operative Development of Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) and Fertilizer Canada (FC). The goal of the project is to improve socio-economic well-being and resilience of 80,000 (50 per cent women) smallholder farmers in Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal through improved agricultural productivity and sustainability. One key result area of the project is to increase integration of gender sensitive 4R principles in relevant standards and policies(globally and nationally). The 4R-NSP is a science-based use of fertilizer (Right Source @ Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place ®) that improve environmental sustainability, improves farmer productivity, and increase farmer-based income and profitability.

Therefore, the intention of the national advisory Committee is to support and advocate for the adoption of the HR principles into national policy.


Through communication and advocacy initiatives Fertilizer Canada’s role is to lead policy advocacy of the integration of 4R principles into national policies and standards in Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal. In light of this fact, Fertilizer Canada is seeking to form a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to support its advocacy initiative in Ethiopia and Ghana.

It is with this background that FC is seeking to hire a short-term (maximum of three working months between April 2020 – June 2020) local consultant to lead the formalization of the NAC.

Key activities and roles of the incumbent

  • Research, select and liaise with potential members of the NAC
  • Preliminary meetings and Presentation of the purpose of the NAC to the potential members
  • Develop an engagement framework (agreement). highlighting the role and responsibilities of the NAC, FC and CDF Canada
  • Develop engagement strategy and plan
  • Present engagement framework to the NAC
  • Facilitate the signing of the engagement framework
  • Launching of the NAC (call the first meeting)


  • NAC formed
  • Engagement framework developed, agreed and signed by all members
  • NAC strategy developed
  • NAC launched – first meeting held

Qualification and experience

  • Master of Science (MSc) in agricultural science or relevant fields, with minimum of 7-year senior level experience working for government ministries.
  • Proven communication and presentation skills
  • Strong experience in coordinating stakeholder engagement
  • Proven track record in working confidently and constructively with senior/high level individuals, ministries, institutions and academics
  • Relevant regional and international experience will be an added advantage


  • For day to day matters, the incumbent will directly report to the CDF Canada Country Manager
  • The incumbent will be strategically supervised /reported by/to Fertilizer Canada
  • The Consultant is expected to use own computer and other equipment required for the task
  • The Consultant will undertake mix of in-country and distance mode of working, such as virtual meetings on skype, Watsapp, Microsoft Team etc. from time to time with Fertilizer Canada

Scope of financial proposal

  • The Consultant will be offered a lump sum fee inclusive of any per diems, travel cost
  • The payments will be made in installments based upon outputs/deliverables specified in the payment schedule of this TOR
  • Payment schedule
  • 20% on signing the contract and submission of a draft methodology for forming the NAC
  • 40% on developing and signing of the Engagement Framework by NAC
  • 40% on completion of the NAC strategy and launch of NAC

Application process

The closing date for submitting Expression of Interest is Tuesday, April 12, 2020.

Expression of Interest must include:

  • An explanation of how you fulfil the consultant profile criteria and your relevant skills/experience
  • A description of how you would approach this task, timeframe and total fess for completion of tasks above (a technical proposal)
  • A CV with two references

Please email Expression of Interest to:

Labonya Nirjan

Email: Inirjan@fertilizercanada.ca 

Berhanu Ambaw

Email: bambow@cdfcanada.coop