Hospice Ethiopia Requests for a Qualified Independent Consultant for Preparing and Consulting of Our Organization Manuals.

Request for Qualified 


Hospice Ethiopia requests for a qualified independent consultant for Preparing and consulting of our organization manuals. Interested applicants can submit proposal to enter into a contract agreement to perform for preparing, guiding and consulting of our organization human resource and financial manuals. 

All applicants should submit their proposal within 7 working days starting from the time of this call. 

Address: Kotebe Kara, Wereda 12 

In front of Wreyelu Hotel 

Tell: 0911034186/0118698687 

N.B: All applicant has to fulfil the following requirements and submit as a separate sheet together with quotation of price. 

1. Valid Trade License 

2. lax ID Number certificate (TIN) 

Hospice Ethiopia