Environment Forest and Climate Change Commission Would Like To Invite Eligible Bidders for Production of Video Documentary on Enhancing the Food Security and Building Ecosystem Resiliences Through Integrated Land Scape Management

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Environment forest and climate change commission would like to invite eligible bidders for production of video documentary on Enhancing the food Security and building Ecosystem Resiliences through Integrated land scape management

Invitation for BID 

Environment forest and climate change commission would like to invite eligible bidders for production  of video documentary on Enhancing the food Security and building Ecosystem Resiliences  through Integrated land scape management who fulfilling the following terms and conditions. 

  1. A Bidder must have relevant trade license, vat, tin numbers and tax clearance certificate. 
  2. Interested bidder could purchase the bid document form Environment forest and climate change commission block on 1st floor room 105 starting from the date of announcement for consecutive 16 days and the proposal is summited to our office with in the above time limit at or before 10 AM /until the tender box closed. 
  3. Bid will be open at the end of the date 10.30 AM morning &late comer has rejected 
  4. Bidder submits their technical and financial offer separately including bid security 2% of the total amount in the form of CPO. 
  5. The commission has the right to cancel the whole or part of the bid. 

 Objectives of consultancy assignment 

  • To document best practices, approaches, principles and strategic direction of Integrated Landscape Management to enhance Food security and  ecosystem resilience project in Ethiopia; 
  • To share best practices, principles and approaches of the project for better diffusion and wider expansion in the country and Sub-Saharan countries; and
  • To understand the roles and contributions of different actors towards addressing issues of landscape management and food security in Ethiopia. 

Required Qualifications and Experience of the Consultancy firm 

  •   Must have more than 5 years proven experience in film production. 
  • Extensive experience in producing development work related documentaries for organizations with the aim of reaching out to both local and international audiences. 
  • Excellent technical capacities (Full High Definition video) to ensure high quality production. 
  • Must be tax compliant/Tax registration certificate indicating TIN
  • Accurate current addresses i.e. physical, postal, telephones and email
  • Additional experience in development communication will be an added advantage
  • In addition, companies shall submit certified copies of the Certificate of incorporation as a company 

Environment forest and climate change commission 

Addis Ababa, Arada Sub city, Arat Kilo 

Behind of Tourist Hotel About 500 Meter 

Tel 011170 40 44