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Vectorlink Ethiopia Office Is Currently Seeking Potential Custom Clearing Agents

Abt Associates Inc. Vector link Project Ethiopia

Bid Announcement for Custom Clearing Agents


The USAID funded PMI/Vectorlink Ethiopia Project supports the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) in the planning and implementing IRS program with the overall goal of reducing the burden of malaria in Ethiopia. The project implements IRS programs through cost effective commodity procurement and logistics system and access to technical expertise in other countries affected by malaria. The PMI/ Vectorlink Ethiopia project supports the Benishangul, Gambella and Oromia Regional Health Bureaus in malaria prevention through Indoor residual spraying (IRS) in various districts of respective regions.

Vectorlink Ethiopia office is currently seeking potential Custom Clearing Agents who can present a prequalified vendor list confirmation from USAID Ethiopia office.



Bid Title:

Custom Clearing Agent

Address for Proposal Delivery:

Abt Associates, Inc., Vectorlink Project Office, Lidya Building, ABC car rent office building 2nd and 3rd floors. Opposite to Harmony Hotel next to Bole Sub city Woreda 03/05. Office phone 251 116 294825 Addis Adaba, Ethiopia

Bid Document

Interested & qualified bidders who can present a prequalified vendor list confirmation from the USAID can obtain full bid documents in the address indicated above.

Deadline to submit questions and/ or request for clarifications

Deadline for Bid Submission is Monday 30th Nov 2020 and any request for clarification shall be submitted on or before 25th Nov 2020. Questions will be compiled and responded to all vendor by 26th Nov 2020.


Proposals / Quotations Due Date & Time

Proposals can be submitted in person in a  wax sealed envelope separately labeled through DHL or FedEx to procurement unit by deadline 30th Nov 2020 on or before 2:30PM.


Type of Award:

One year contract


Contract Award Criteria:


Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

-Compliance to technical specifications and RFQ instructions

-Price and cost related factors

-Lead time.

-Past Performance Payment Terms.

-Present preferred vendor list evidence from USAID.

-Delivery mode

-Please insert any additional criteria you believe necessary to do sound evaluation

Supporting Documents to Proposal (Can be photocopies):

Bidders shall include the following documentation in the proposal submission:

1. Cover Letter

2. Detailed Cost Proposal

3. Timeframe for delivery

4. Vendor Information (business licenses for Ethiopian FY 2012/2013, VAT and Tin Registration Certificates.)

5. Vendor’s Bank Account

6. Clearly stated payment term

7. Please customise it to your project need

Product/Service Delivery Address:

Abt Associates Inc., Ethiopia VectorLink Project


Proposal Validity

For one year.


Terms of Payment

Monthly, Quarterly whichever way your project is comfortable