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UNICEF Tender Clarification No.2 To the RFP–S&L–2020-9159251 Dignity, Recreational and ECE Kit, 9159249 Furniture and 9159250 School in a Bag Kits

To: All bidders,

Subject: Clarification No.2 to the RFP–S&L–2020-9159251 Dignity, Recreational and ECE kit, 9159249 Furniture and 9159250 School in a bag kits

We would like to advise you that we have made the following clarification to the above-captioned tenders and kindly request you to do the same on the bid document received from our office.                                                 

 Clarification request from bidders

 Response provided


 The quantity mentioned in the ‘quantity/unit’ column of page 4 indicates a quantity of ‘1 each’. It is very difficult for us to provide competitive pricing and an accurate lead time if the expected quantities are not mentioned. Please can you clarify what the expected quantities of the order would be? Assuming that the project is on-going, you could give us an estimate based on orders within 1 calendar year.

Though the quantity indicated on the bid document is one, as the bid is intended to establish Long Term Arrangement (LTA) which is going to be used for one year (12 months) with a possible extension of additional 12 months and the quantity differs from time to time, you are kindly requested to submit your quote considering the above duration.


Please confirm if samples are to be submitted with the Solicitation Document before 5th July? As we have only just received the tender, it will not be possible for us to submit samples on this deadline. If possible, could an extension be granted for the submission of samples only?

After submission of the bid, we will inform to bidders through e-mail address indicated on their offer document when and where to be the samples delivered.





In addition to the kit price, is individual/each content price required in our offer  

As we may procure individual items when the need arises, please also indicate your individual price.