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UNICEF Ethiopia Tender Clarification for LRPS-2020-9161313

Clarification to LRPS-2020-9161313

  1. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take part to the pre-bid meeting, so I would ask you for any minutes that you have produced at respect. Response – There has been no pre-bid meeting organized.
  2. We would like to know if the electronic submission (via email) is permitted in this case, or if only a hard submission is foreseen. Response – Bid can be submitted through email –
  3. Please let us know when the pre-bid conference referred to in this LRPS took place and if further information – following the conference – is available to all potential bidders. If yes, kindly share this with us. Response – There was no pre-bid conference organized.
  4.  Please also let us know whether there is scope for extending the submission deadline by two weeks to 14th October. We will really appreciate the additional time to prepare a strong and compelling proposal. Response – As we need to move forward on the service provision extension on the bid submission date can not be extended.
  5. Is UNICEF interested in an impact evaluation or a simple before/after assessment? The TOR mentions selecting control woredas but doesn’t specify an impact evaluation. Response – Baseline, midline, and endline is different from an impact evaluation. We want to see how behaviors, attitudes, and practices change over time – we are not evaluating interventions
  6. Can UNICEF provide more information on how participants are selected into the CM & FGM interventions? What determines eligibility, how many of those who are eligible continue into the intervention? Do participants self-select into the programs or is there another mechanism? Response – Woreda’s and program participants are selected in coordination with government counterparts and community leaders, but also school-based mechanisms (i.e. for life skills programming, gender clubs).
  7. Have woredas already been selected for the baseline, midline, and endline research, and if so, how were they selected? Response – They have not yet been selected and will be selected in consultation with government counterparts
  8. Are the 3 SBC programs under different grants the same or different? Response – It is not different SBC programs, it is one SBC strategy under three different grants: UN Joint Programme on FGM, UN Global Program to End Child Marriage, Canada FGM
  9. Of the 3 SBC programmes mentioned, which are being implemented in which woredas? If they are different is only one being implemented per woreda or could there be overlap? Response – The SBC programme activities as mentioned in the TOR have overlap in the implementing woreda’s.
  10. Would it be possible for you to grant us an extension, perhaps to the end of next week (2nd October)? Response – As we need to move forward on the service provision extension on the bid submission date can not be extended.
  11. It seems the RFP is incomplete and misses including some key contents. For instance, we did not find the reference to a pre-bid conference detail, which is referred to in some sections. When is the pre-bid conference scheduled? Response –  There is no pre-bid conference scheduled.
  12. We have a question regarding proposal #9161313 – Social and Behavior Change (SBC) baseline, midline, and endline survey. For Annex C – Declaration Form, the second paragraph states “We understand that any contract resulting from this bid will contain the terms of reference, the general and specific terms and conditions specified in the request for proposal and is non-negotiable”.  If UNICEF would be open to considering revisions to the non-negotiable component since we’ve been able to negotiate some terms in the past with UNICEF. Response –  There is no Negotiation on the TOR