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Tigray Water Resource Bureau Wants To Extend Bid Opening Date

Bid Opening Date Extension

It is Recalled that Tigray Bureau of Water Resource Advetizes Bid on Ethiopian Herald dated March 31,2020 for Drilling and pumping test of Five Deep boreholes Through Lot1-02 (two deep boreholes at Laelay Maychew & Laelay Adiyabo, Lot-201(one)Deep borehole at Hintalo Wojerat (gonkaO and Lot-3 02 (Two) Deep boreholes at Tsegede & Welkait. Now the Bureau wants to inform bidders that the bid opening date is Extended to 20 May 2020 due to some technical document amendments in one bore hole at lot-3 .The time and place as specified in the previous new paper.

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