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The West Hararghe Zone Water & Energy Resource Dev’t Office (WHZWERDO) Acting as Executing Agency Invites Wax Sealed Bids from Eligible Bidder for Ibsa Bate Rural Water Supply Project Civil Works Construction and Pipe Supply and Installation Work

Invitation for Bids

  1. The West Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Resource Dev’t office has secured budget from Oromia national regional state through West Hararghe  Zone Water and Energy Resource Dev’t office to cover eligible payment under the contract for the construction of civil works of rural water supply project located in West Hararghe Zone Doba district, Bidding is open for candidates/contractors havinga renewed construction license of WWC-6 or GC-6  (for those who licensed for WWC-6) for 2013 E.C. and above. And those currently registered with the  Ministry of water, Irrigation and energy as well as Oromia Construction Authority. Registration for VAT and Tax identification number (TIN) and also the bidders must present the evidence that their company is registered in the supplier list together with written application.
  2. The West Hararghe Zone Water & Energy Resource Dev’t office (WHZWERDO) acting as executing agency invites wax sealed bids from eligible bidder for Ibsa Bate Rural Water Supply Project civil works construction and pipe supply and Installation work.
  3. Bidding Documents purchased at the office of West Hararghe Zone Finance and Economic Collaboration office, Chiro, Ethiopia (Tel 0255510354, Fax 0255510423) for a non-refundable fee of Ethiopian Birr 300 (Three hundred birr only) starting from the first date notice viewed on newspaper during office hour (8:30 AM -5:30 PM) working days
  4. Bids shall be valid for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days after Bid opening and must be accompanied by the amount of the bid security in of 50,000(Fifty thousand birr only) in the form of CPO only and shall be delivered to West Hararghe Zone Vater & Energy Resource Dey’t Office by stating site name.
  5. The bid submitting & closing date will be at 10:00- 10:30 AM on the 21st calendar day from the first announcement date and the will be opened on the same day at 10:30 AM at the presence of the bidders who wish to attend at the office of West Hararghe  Zone Administration Office Hall,
  6. The office reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
  7. Site visit is mandatory and bringing letter from the woreda water & energy resource dev’t office and kebele administration has its own value.

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