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The Somali State, Suldan Abdulahi Suldan Bade Polytechnic College Invites Sealed Bid Documents from Eligible Bidders for the Supply of Cereals and Other Edible Items and Vegetables & Meat





1. The Somali State, Suldan Abdulahi Suldan Bade Polytechnic College invites sealed bid documents from eligible bidders for the supply of dry foods and inputs listed below for its Regular Program Trainers.

  • Lot I:-Cereals and other edible items,
  • Lot II: Vegetables & Meat

2. A complete set of bidding document for the provision of dry food items can be purchased by legal and interested bidders up on payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 200(Two hundred birr) per each lot from the college department of finance and logistic directorate office within 20 (Twenty) working days of the first appearance of this announcement during the official working hours.

3. Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information from the college.

4. All bids must be accompanied by a security of 1% of the bid amount in the form of insurance, bank guarantee or CPO where submitted before the closing date.

5. Bids shall be submitted to Suldan Abdulahi Suldan Bade Polytechnic College Department of finance and logistics at any official working hours on or before the 20th date after the appearance of the announcement.

6. Bidders are required to submit copies of their business license renewed for the current fiscal year.

7. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives on the 20th day of the appearance of the announcement at the college multi-purpose hall at 5:00 PM in the presence of Somali State BOFFED procurement staff. If the 20th day is not working day, the bid shall be opened on the next day at the same time.

8. The original & copy of the bid document shall be signed and sealed in all pages by the bidders.

9. Bidders should submit one original & one copy of the bid document with separately sealed envelopes.

10. The college reserves the right to reject any or all bids. NB;-for further information please call 0915066006/0915330819

SRS, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Bade Polytechnic College