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The Oromia Regional State Health Bureau Invites Wax-sealed Bids from Eligible Bidders To All National Contractors of Class GC-5/BC-4 Construction of Talatalle Primary Hospital / 2nd Terminated Project / at Borana Zone of Oromia Region

1st-time Invitation for Bids (IFB) (NCB)

Tender for construction of Telltale Primary Hospital at Borana Zone of Oromia Region,

  1. To ensure the fulfillment of The MDG Goals and the Government’s Growth & Transformation plan, The Oromia Regional Health Bureau has obtained a budget Support from Regional Government towards the Construction of Talatalle Primary Hospital / 2nd Terminated Project / at Borana Zone of Oromia Region,
  2. The Oromia Regional state Health Bureau now invite wax-sealed bids from eligible bidders to all national contractors of class GC-5/BC-4 and above that shall submit Certificate of Registration from Ministry of Construction/Oromia Construction Bureau/renewed for the Current Budget Year (2012 EC/2019/2020 GC) and who have renewed their Trade license for the current fiscal year and have VAT registration certificate & Tax Clearance Certificate valid during the bidding period from the Authorized Governmental Body.
  3. Bidding documents may be purchased from Oromia Health Bureau, Project Construction & Maintenance Directorate, 6th Floor, for a non-refundable fee of Birr 600.00 (Six Hundred Birr only) at working hours, commencing from May 04/2020 GC till June 02/2020 GC. The method of payment shall be in cash,
  4. Bids shall be accompanied by a bid security of Br. 350,000 (Br. Three Hundred Fifty Thousand) in the form of CPO, or unconditional bank guarantee and shall be delivered to the Bureau, including it in the original Technical qualification document or in a wax-sealed envelope separately. The envelopes of the bid security need to be wax sealed and signed by the bidder itself.
  5. The bid security validity period shall be [150+28=178 days). Meaning 28 days need to be added over the bid validity period i.e. 150 days in pursuance with ITB 21.2(c). Submission of a lesser bid security validity period from the cited 178 days would be a cause for rejection from the bid.
  6. The bid security to be submitted by a bidder shall carefully address the Employer’s name, the exact name of the Hospital for which it is submitted & the validity of the bid security. Failure of stating any of which would cause rejection from the bid.
  7. Requirements on the technical (qualification) documents are stated on the bid document. Any Indication of financial information over the technical document of a bidder would entail disqualification of the bid document.
  8. Submittal of any forged technical document by a bidder, if proven, would entail serious criminal accountability on top of forfeiture of the bid security and disqualification from the bid process.
  9. Technical qualification document shall be prepared in an original and two copies in a properly signed, stamped & separately wax-sealed envelopes, clearly marking “Original”, “Copy 1” & “Copy 2” Technical Proposal.
  10. The contractor shall give a sequential page number properly for each of its submitted technical documents.
  11. Copies of the technical documents to be submitted by a bidder need to be sufficiently visible. Any vague or invisible copy of a technical document submitted would not be taken into consideration during the technical evaluation process.
  12. Submission of lawful Supportive documents for good reputation /past work performances/, from previous employers, along with the technical documents is very helpful for the technical evaluation.
  13. The Financial document shall be prepared in one original and two copies. The original & the copies shall be signed, stamped & wax sealed in a separate, envelope clearly marking “Original”, “Copy 1” & “Copý 2” Financial Proposal.
  14. All the technical & Financial Documents need to be ultimately put all together into one bigger outer envelope in pursuance with ITB 24
  15. Both the technical & financial documents shall be submitted to Oromia Health Bureau, Project Construction & Maintenance Directorate 6th floor, Sarbet before the deadline for bid submission.
  16. Late bids shall be automatically rejected.
  17. The deadline for bid submission shall be at 2:00 Pm, in the afternoon of the June 02/2020 GC & the bids shall be opened on the same date at 2:30 PM, at which time the Technical Document will be opened first, in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who wish to attend.
  18. Any Contractor who has received more than two warning letters (quality/ progress) from any Oromia Regional Bureaus as a result of its previous contractual performance with the Bureaus shall not be allowed to participate in this tender. The Bureau has also full right to reject those contractors with bad quality & progress records (proved) in their past ten years’ contractual performances.
  19. Any contractor who has any project with a progress stage less than 85% with our Bureau is not allowed to participate on this tender. Also, any contractor that has not handed over any primary hospital or fewer projects that have been signed-in 2004 – 2009 EC is not totally allowed to participate in this bid.
  20. The winning Contractor is obliged to give by forming sub-contracting a minimum of up to 20% part of the work to qualified Small & Micro Enterprises locally available or for those recommended by local administration,
  21. The results of the technical evaluation, as well as the financial document opening date of the successful bidders, shall be subsequently notified with an internal notice board.
  22. The financial documents of those contractors who are Not-Responsive in the technical Evaluation would not be opened.
  23. Misplacing of documents would be a cause for rejection of the bid document.
  24. Completion time for the construction work shall be 150 calendar days.
  25. The Oromia Health Bureau reserves full right to reject any or all Bids.

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