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The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction Invites Suitably Qualified Bidders To Submit a Sealed Expression of Interest for City Net Implementation Project

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Urban Development and Construction Request for Expressions of Interest For city net implementation project 

Procurement number ICB 01/2012 

The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction has allocated Budget and intends to apply part of the proceeds of these funds toward the cost of the city net implementation project. 

The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction now invites suitably qualified bidders to submit a sealed expression of interest for city net implementation projects within 15 Consecutive days. 

The General objective 

The general objective of the TOR is to hire a qualified and competent consultant to assess the current status of urban data management, the existing government ICT infrastructure and service delivery at federal, regional and city level of the sector with the integration of other government bodies so as to propose an integrated high-level design based on the findings for its implementation. 

The specific objectives of this Consultancy include: 

  • urban data management and its transaction in the sector
  • To assess the existing ICT resources of the sector like 
  • existing ICT infrastructure existing application software and services 
  • ICT human resources 
  • To assess the existing government ICT infrastructure such as woreda net and alike
  • To assess the delivered services mechanism of service delivery within the sector.
  • To propose an integrated high-level design for data management service deliver application and ICT Infrastructure based on the finding of the assessment 
  • To prepare terms of reference (TOR) for implementation of the designed solution. 


The assessment should consider the ministry at federal level nine (9) regions one thousand hundred six (1606) cites according to 2013 projection and supervised agencies of the sector to exhaustively identity existing ICT infrastructure urban data management and its transaction between the source and destination service delivery to the citizen and actors of the transaction. The assessment should perform a SWOT analysis and/or other possible ways on the following but not limited 

Hardware and software assets 

  • Technical human resources 
  • Technical articles 
  • Operational process 
  • Application programs 

Various data type generated in the sector Urban data management and its transaction ICT security issues Service delivery issues 

Based on the finding it is expected to propose an integrated high-level design far data management service delivery application and ICT infrastructures. The studyShyld be complete within eighteen (18) month period of time. Finally, the assessment should be conducted as per the expected quality within the identified schedule. 

THE EOI shall include 

Organizational individuals profile showing the proven capability to carry out such assignments. 

  • Summary description of key professional available for the assignments
  • Organization valid registration and tax certificates 

The client will use the following evaluation criteria for shortlisting 

  1.  Core business experience 
  2. Year in business
  3. The technical and managerial capability of the firm
  4. Experience 

The ministry of urban development and construction now invite all eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing in the services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brother description of similar assignments – experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skill among staff, etc. consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. 

The consultant will be selected in QCBS accordance with the procedure set out in the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia public procurement agency guidelines selection and employment of consultant by public procurement agency April 2011Consultants may obtain further information from the address below. 

Expression of interest must be delivered to the address below not later than 15 Consecutive days after the request of expression of interest noticed in Ethiopian Herald newspaper Sudan Street, Opposite National Bank of Ethiopia Physical address: M.U.D.C 1st flour PO Box 24134/1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.