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The Ministry of Agriculture Is Looking for Qualified Financial Service Providers To Deliver Electronic Payment of Cash Transfers To Selected Beneficiaries of Ethiopia’s Rural Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP).


  • Clarification on previous Bid Announcement 
  • Title of the Bid:- Electronic payment service for Rural PSNP beneficiaries Households (HHs). 

The Food Security Coordination Directorate of The Ministry of Agriculture has issued abiding document for Electronic payment service for Rural PSNP beneficiaries Households (HHS) Ethiopian herald dated 25 April 2020 with bid submition deadline May 26 2020 in different lots. The Food Security Coordination Directorate has issued the following information to be included in the bidding announcement to ensure that bidders have more clarify on the scope and requirement of the BID. 

The GoE is looking for qualified financial service providers to deliver electronic payment of cash transfers to selected beneficiaries of Ethiopia’s Rural Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP). 

The Scope of work includes; 

  • Performing Account Opening and customer registration
  • Customer education and support
  • Disbursement of funds
  • Cash withdrawal and deposit
  • secure electronic payment 
  • Reporting 

Bidders are required to fulfill the eligibility requirements which are mainly; 

  •  Licensed by National Bank of Ethiopia to provide financial service. 
  • Experience in delivering similar payment service. Bid Security shall be ETB 100,000 or equivalent in any freely convertible currency for each cluster (lot).
  • All terms and conditions will remained unchanged 

The Ministry of Agriculture