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The Ministry of Agriculture Invites Suitably Qualified Bidders To Submit Sealed Expressions of Interest for Consultancy Service Assess the Quality of Fertilizers Distributed in the Country and Capacity of Soil Laboratories To Test Fertilizers

Invitation to Express of Interest (Eol)

Procurement Reference No. EOI/MOA-SFID/02/2020

The Ministry of Agriculture (Soil Fertilizer Improvement Directorate) has received funds from GIZ and intends to apply part of the proceeds of these funds towards the cost of Consultancy service to assess the Quality of Fertilizers Distributed in the Country and Capacity of Soil Laboratories to Test Fertilizers.

The Ministry of Agriculture (soil fertilizer improvement directorate) now invites suitably qualified bidders to submit sealed expressions of interest for Consultancy service Assess the Quality of Fertilizers Distributed in the Country and Capacity of Soil Laboratories to Test Fertilizers.

The main objective of consultancy service includes: –

  • Establish fertilizer quality baseline information distributed in the country which includes nutrient content, bag weight, adulteration, moisture content and fertilizer storage handling.
  • Assess the capacity gap of selected soil laboratories to test fertilizer quality
  • Assess the linkage among regulatory authority and fertilizer supply chain actors, identify gaps and recommend appropriate options to ensure the functionality of national fertilizer regulatory system.

Scope of the Work :

  • The assessment will be conducted in five regions Amhara, Oromia, Tigray or Benishangui and SNNP regions. A total of 3 importers, 20 wholesalers, 60 primary cooperatives and retailers, 450 smallholder farmers and 10 key stakeholders spread across the three regions will be assessed and the capacity of 5 laboratories to test fertilizer will be assessed.
  • The Consulting firm is expected to fulfill the following requirements:
  •  Experience in undertaking similar assignment (practical experience in assessing the delivery system of agricultural in puts, analyzing fertilizer quality/input quality, stakeholder analysis and soil or fertilizer laboratory analysis).

i) Quick learner (able and willing to learn) of the contexts and able to fine tune baseline establishment contents and methodologies to fit gap analysis.

ii) Integrity, timeliness, openness to learn, willingness to have long term engagement with MOAsoil fertility improvement directorate and GIZ.



The Consultant is expected to analysis the chemical and physical quality of fertilizer distributed in the market, conduct in-depth analysis of selected soil laboratory toward testing fertilizer quality and assess the linkage between fertilizer supply chain actors. Specifically, the consultant is expected to conduct the following five key activities

  1.  Chemical Analysis of fertilizer: analysis the chemical characteristics/ composition of fertilizer distributed in the country.
  2.  Physical Analysis of Fertilizers: the priority in the physical analysis of the fertilizer samples focused on the qualitative evaluation of the fertilizer physical attributes including Caking, Fertilizer Bag Weight Compliance and Adulteration of Fertilizers
  3.  In-depth analysis of selected soil laboratory: conduct in-depth analysis of the selected soil laboratories and identify gaps toward testing fertilizer quality
  4. Assess the linkage between fertilizer supply chain actors: Assess the linkage among fertilizer supply chain actors/regulatory bodies identify gaps and propose functional linkages to ensure fertilizer quality regulation.

Expressions of interest will be evaluated in accordance with the Public Procurement & Property Administration Proclamation of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Participation is open to all eligible bidders.

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below.

Late submissions shall be rejected.

Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Soil Fertilizer Improvement Directorate

Procurement Directorate.

CMC Road, behind Geological Survey of Ethiopia.

Block B, Room number B-1-2

City: Addis Ababa, Bole Sub City

Telephone: 0116677932

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The deadline for the submission Expressions of interest is:  Date: October 22/ 2020 Time: 10:00 AM

The Ministry of Agriculture