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The Harari Regional State Harar City Administration Invites Suitably Qualified Bidders To Submit Sealed Expressions of Interest for Supervision and Consultancy Service For Comprehensive Land Inventory Information System and File Organization For Harar

Guidance Notes for the preparation of Notices seeking Expressions of

Interest and Letters of Invitation

Notices seeking Expressions of Interest

Standard Format for Notices seeking Expressions of Interest

Invitation to Express Interest in (Subject of Procurement

(Insert Procurement Reference number). HR/CS/02/19/20

The Harar city administration has allocated/received funds from World Bank, Region and City and intends to apply part of the proceeds of these funds towards the cost of supervision and consultancy service for Comprehensive Land Inventory Information System and File Organization For Harar.

The Harari regional state harar city administration now invites suitably qualified biddersto submit sealed expressions of interest for supervision and consultancy service For Comprehensive land inventory information System and File Organization For Horar

The general objective of the project is to establish server based interoperable land inventory system lo know the land and landed property resources having a well-organized geo-database along with modem land information management system supported by GIS which invilves registration of all parcels with owners (natural & non-natural) and Unique Identification Number (UIN) within the given built-up city boundary, linking the parcel with owners and other basic attributes (Non-spatial data), defining urban blocks with unique JDS and categorize Land Use at block level. In addition, important analysis will be done on the based on the inventory results.

Completeness of Contract Document and TOR.

Insert details of any particular qualifications, skills, experience etc. required.]

Expressions of interest will be evaluated in accordance with the Public Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation of 87/2002 and Public Procurement Directive of 43/2003 of the Harari People Regional State

Participation is open to all eligible bidders.

Interested eligible bidders may submit expressions of interest to Harar municipality in Front of commercial bank of Ethiopia. Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below at or before Jun 29/2020. Late submissions shall be rejected.

Legal Address: Harar Municipality ULGDP Coordinating office in front of commercial bank of Ethiopia, from No. 38 , Tel: 025 666 00 18/09 29 39 66 30, Street Address: On

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia behind Municipality/ the main building, Town/City: Harar, Country: Ethiopia

The Harar City Administration