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The Forum of Federations (FOF) Call for a Qualified Consultant To Conduct a Rapid Assessment To Identify Priority Areas of Policy Research and Consultations on Barriers To Constitutional Rights of Women and Girls in Ethiopia

 Call for Consultancy Service


Rapid Assessment to Identify Priority Areas of Policy Research & Consultations on Barriers to Constitutional Rights of Women & Girls in Ethiopia

The Forum of Federations (FOF) is an international learning organization, headquartered in Canada, working on federal and devolved governance across the globe. The Forum has been legally operating in Ethiopia since 2008 as an international organization. The FoF is currently implementing a five-year project, Strengthening Federal Governance and Pluralism in Ethiopia, funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), implemented with various Ethiopian partners, led by the House of Federation.

The project addresses weaknesses in Ethiopia’s federal governance with the ultimate outcome of ‘a strengthened and more responsive federal system for Ethiopian men and women’.

This call is for a qualified consultant to conduct a rapid assessment to identify priority areas of policy research and consultations on barriers to constitutional rights of women and girls in Ethiopia.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to produce a rapid assessment that identifies five strong candidate areas as priorities for policy research and consultations on constitutional rights barriers affecting women and girls in Ethiopia, two of which will then be selected by FOF and partners for implementation.


All interested individual applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Master degree (minimum) in constitutional law, human rights, governance, gender studies;
  • Demonstrated experience in design and conducting research, using arange of methods, preferably in applied policy contexts;
  • Deep knowledge of gender equality issues and dynamics in Ethiopia;
  • Knowledge of women and girls’ constitutional rights in Ethiopia;
  • Strong proven coordination and communication skills:
  • Excellent report writing skills.

Application Procedure and Information

  • Application procedure and detailed information are provided in the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the assignment. Interested applicants can reach out to Mrs Sosena Mulatu at to get the TOR and additional information.
  • Qualified applicants are required to submit the following  documents electronically to Aynekulu Desta at and by copying to Mrs Sosena Mulatu at
  • Motivation letter
  • CV of consultant
  • A brief explanation of understanding of the assignment and proposed methodology
  • Brief summary of examples of similar assignments
  • Financial proposal indicating daily rates and related expenses
  • Names of references from previous organizations for similar assignment

Closing date for submitting: 10 days from the date this call is posted on the newspaper.