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The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) Invites Competent Machine and Equipment Suppliers Having a License on Machinery and Equipment Supply and Interested To Work with a Fixed Price Rate Set by the Corporation To Submit Sealed Prequalification Application for Expression of Interest





The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) is a public enterprise established with the aim of becoming a leading, preferred, and competitive Construction Contractor in Road, Water Building any other Civil Construction. Currently, ECWC seeks to establish a roster of machinery and equipment suppliers with demonstrable capabilities who will be invited to carry out the construction of earthworks for its Building and Housing. Road and Bridges, water supply, Dam and Irrigation construction projects

Therefore, Ethiopian Construction works Corporation

(ECWC) invites competent machine andequipment suppliers’ having license on machinery and equipment supply and interested to work with fixed price rate set by the corporation to submit scaled prequalification application for expression of interest.

Brief Scope of Work

The main objective of this expression of interest it to build capacities of local machine and equipment owner and suppliers by sub-contracting for Earthworks under ECWC of dam and irrigation, road and bridges, and building and housing construction projects found in different regions of the country

The contractors shall exccute contractually to be agreed

works in accordance with provided design and technical specification to be furnished by ECWC by mobilizing the required machinery and equipment at the project sites. Interested companies /firms / must fill in the ECWC pregualification applications and submit relevant document information/ as to demonstrate that they are eligible and qualified to perform the stated works as and when required by ECWC. In principle, ECWC intends to use the outcome of this exercise for prequalification purposes in the context of procurement actions/opportunities to work with ECWC for three years

ECWC works in all regions of the country and encourages the firms/companies from all regional states to submit application for prequalification with supporting documents, The applicants should consider the following application procedures and documents:

  1. The applicant shall bear all costs related to preparation and submission of this Expression of interest. ECWC will not be responsible or liable for those costs regardless of the result of the selection process
  2. Incorrect, incomplete and inadequate application may lead to rejection of the application.
  3. All document must be submitted in English language.
  4. Applicants may be requested to clarification on submitted document,
  5. ECWC has the right to reject the application without communicating the supplier.
  6. ECWC shall not provide explanation to applicants related to shortlisting and selection process, in this respect, ECWC decision shall be final and binding for all applicants.
  7. ECWC shall not enforced to pay advance payment for firms/companies
  8. Submission of documents shall as per the Terms of References given in the EOlInterested applicants may obtain further information at address Below. Business Development and project management Center Wegen Solomon (Executive Officer) Tel: +251-118721049.

All applicants are requested to submit their expression of Interest with all completed documents in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked Expression of Interest for the pre-qualification of machinery and equipment owner to carry out construction of earthworks for its Building and Housing, Road and Brides, water supply, Dam and Irrigation construction projects Independently by the address belowand EOI Response Deadline for submitting will be on December 3/ 2020 at 10:00 AM ECWC Head office, Gurd shola corporate procurement main Department office Abudulkadr Redewan Executive Officer Tel No.: 251+0118962991/011 8 67 80 89/011 8 72 30 86

The Ethiopian Construction

Works Corporation (ECWC)