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The Ethiopian Agricultural Research Council Secretariat EARCS Would Like To Put Forward the Following General Instructions To the Consultants Which It Believes Is Very Favorable as the Partner of Choice for Web Portal Development

Invitation to bid 

Tender for developing and implementation of Web Portal for Research Information Management System (RIMS) for EARCS 

1. Introduction 

The Ethiopian Agricultural research council Secretariat (hereinafter called “EARCS”) indicated in the Bid is the Contracting Authority for this procurement process and invites shortlisted potential local individuals, private business organization and Associations (hereinafter called “the Consultants “) by this request for proposal (here in after called “RFP”) to submit their Bid Proposals containing the Technical and Financial Proposals separately with a view to entering into Contract with the EARCS to develop Web-Portal for Research Information Management System. The Bid Proposal will be the basis for contract negotiations and ultimately for a signed contract with the selected consultant. 

2. General instructions 

EARCS would like to put forward the following general instructions to the consultants which it believes is very favorable as the partner of choice for web portal development: 

  • 1.5 Shortlisted Consultants may only submit one Bid Proposal. If the Consultant submits or participates in more than one Bid Proposal Such Bid Proposal shall be disqualified. 
  • 1.6 EARCS retains ownership of all Bid Proposals submitted in response to this Request for Proposals. Consequently, Consultants have no right to have their Bid Proposals returned to them except late Bid Proposals. 
  • 1.7 Considering the ever changing and evolving landscape of IT, the product of the study (SRS and SDD) of the consultant must show details of all objects, entities and their associated properties. Moreover, the document need show how to assure none performance, easiness, fault tolerance, maintainability… 
  • 1.8 In submitting a Bid Proposal, the Consultant accepts in full and without restriction this Request for Proposals as the sole basis of this procurement procedure, whatever his own conditions of sale may be, which he hereby waives. Consultants are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this Request for Proposals. Failure to submit a Bid Proposal containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified may lead to the rejection of the Bid Proposal. No account can be taken of any reservation in the Bid Proposal as regards the Request for Proposals; any reservation will result in the immediate rejection of the Bid Proposal without further evaluation 
  • 1.9 The consultant proposes to develop the system that meets all the requirements of EARCS and the project License will be unlimited and future customization can be done at ease by any professionals. 

3. General Study Process 

The entire software system requirement study is process driven. Accordingly, the team should stress on timely communication and provide early visualization of the system product by launching a soda-prototype for review and feedback of the requirement study. 

  1. The firm should submit their renewed original license with copies when they come to obtain the RFP documents. Those firms that cannot be able to provide their trade license registration and licensing documents should submit their legal establishment original document with copies. The RFP remains floating from Sep 20 to Sep 30, 2020. 
  2. RFP documents can be obtained from EARCS Head Office (the full address is given below under section 3.2), Bole, 2nd floor Room No.2-7 by paying non-returnable birr 200.00. Interested bidders can buy the bid document during office hours from 8:30 AM to 12:00 AM in the morning and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM in afternoon. 
  3. All proposals must be accompanied by RFP security in the amount of Birr 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand birr). 

3.1. The Bid Bond must be in either of the following form: 

  • Certified Cheque (CPO) issued by a recognized bank or 
  • Bank Guarantee from recognized bank. 

3.2. The bidder should prepare their RFP document in a wax sealed envelope marked as “Proposal for the development of Web-portal for Research Information Management System for EARCS” and 

address to: 

The Ethiopian Agricultural Research Council Secretariat (EARCS) 

Bole Sub-City, Keble 02, Behind Rwanda Embassy, 

Between Street 2-329 and Street 2-336, In front of 

Ayer Amba Secondary School, HGS Offices 6 Story 

Building, P.O.Box, 8115 

Telephone: +251-11635 80 29, +251-11668 41 47

Mob:+251 (0) 0920531590 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

4. the proposal will be received at the EARCS Head office 2nd floor room No. 2-7 in Addis Ababa before or on oct 13,2020, until 4:00 pm. Proposal received after this closing time will be authomatically rejected 

5.the company reserves the right to reject all or parts of this RFP

6. for further information you can contact thorough the above address 

Ethiopian Agricultural research 

council Secretariat