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The Ethiopia Somali Regional State Gashamo Boarding School Administration Invites Bids Eligible for the Packages


Tender no:esrs.D HG/003/2013 

The Ethiopia Somali Regional state Gashamo Boarding School administration invites bids eligible for the following packages. 

  1. The bid is open only to those who shall meet the following requirements, have a currently renewed relevant trade license. 
  2. The bidder must have registration of value added tax (vat), tax identification number(tin) and supplier registration of certificate from Somali region Bureau of finance and economic development (BOFED) 
  3.  A complete set of bid documents can be obtains payment of non refundable fee of Birr 300.00 ( three hundred) 
  4. The bid must be accompanied by bid security of Birr 2% of the price of the bidder or bank guarantee. Established through authorized bank in Ethiopia, in separate and labeled enveloper or in the original of technical document. 
  5. Bid documents must be delivered to gashamo boarding school room no.003 
  6. Both the qualification and priced documents shall be in separate envelops and wax sealed (one original and one copy) 
  7. Bid documents shall be submitted within 10 days after the publication of the journal and the bid documents will be opened after 2-days 
  8. Bidders are introduced to fill, sign, stamp and seal all the forms of the bid documents. Failure of the instruction may lead to bid rejection. 
  9. All bids must include value added tax (vat 15%) on the summary of price 
  10. Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information by tell: mob 0920195355 or line 0253420168 
  11. School administration has the right to accept or reject any or all bids. 

Gashamo Boarding School