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The Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit “GIZ Office Addis Ababa” Would Like To Invite All Interested & Eligible Local Suppliers To Submit Their Technical and Financial Offers for 35 Pcs of Donkey Pulled Cart

Bid Announcement for donkey Pulled Cart 

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit “GIZ Office Addis Ababa” would like to invite all interested & eligible local suppliers to submit their technical and financial offers for 35 Pcs of Donkey pulled cart.

  • Bid reference number: 91143875
  • Deadline for submission: 30.10.2020 (4:00PM in the Afternoon)

Any eligible local supplier which might be interested in accepting the GIZ-Office proposal is welcome to submit the offers. Those who are interested to be the one, the specification is described more fully at awashtenders site link:”>  or you can come and collect the same documents from our GIZ Office, Addis Ababa located Kazanchis beside Jupiter Hotel at Bloom Tower 9th Floor reception desk.

Please submit the offer direct to GIZ-Office reception desk located in Kasianchis at Bloom tower 9th floor.

Special conditions: –

  • Supplier should have and attach a valid TIN, VAT & renewed business license.
  • Please submit Technical Specification and financial offer separately within separate sealed envelope by labeling the reference number 91143875.
  •   Indicate that the price offer is before OR after 15% VAT
  • The transport cost should not be included, once the award will be given, we will facilitate transportation and collect from store.
  • Technical specification is detail description of the material, Legal Documents/ business licenses will not be considered as technical Specification.
  • Use your own proforma.
  • Your offer might be rejected if technical specification and financial offer is not submitted separately.
  • Validity date of your offer should be 30 to 60 days
  • Please indicate the delivery time in your offer.
  • The delivery date should not take more than 30 days after receiving official order.
  •   Payment should be settled after delivery.

For any clarifications, kindly contact GIZ-Office through the below

Addresses Email:

Tel +251 11 5587935

We look forward to hearing from you.