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The Civil Society Support Program Phase 2 (CSSP2) Is Seeking Consultancy Service Providers To Undertake Separate Mapping and Assessments

Request for Consultancy Service Providers

The Civil Society Support Program Phase 2 (CSSP2) is a capacity development program designed to support the development of Ethiopia’s civil society to “contribute to inclusive and accountable governance, and an improved environment for the promotion and protection of the human rights of all Ethiopians”. To achieve this grand objective, the program has identified three thematic areas (gender transformation, young people, and citizen-state engagement) and taken a human rights-based approach as its key strategic approach.

In addition to funding local CSOs, in the program provides technical and capacity development support through various means. CSSP2 also works with relevant government stakeholders to build their capacity and create space and platforms for effective civic engagement and learning.

CSSP2 is funded by the people of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and Norway. The program is managed by the British Council, in consortium with Pact UK and Social Development Direct. The program has established five regional Hubs -at Dessie, Dire Dawa, Assosa, Hawassa and Addis Ababa-reporting to the secretariat in Addis Ababa so as to provide closer support to CSOs.

Engagement is one of the key workstreams of the program which aims to facilitate the creation and deepening of an enabling environment for the CSO sector, enhance collaboration between government and CSOs, and strengthen engagement platforms between citizens and state for access to equitable services, and the protection and promotion of human rights. Accordingly, CSSP2 adopts multidimensional, multitiered, contextualized, gendered, inclusive, and adaptive strategic approaches. In view of strengthening its engagement and capacity development workstreams, the program is seeking consultancy service providers who will undertake the following three separate mapping and assessments.

  • Mapping and Assessment of CSO networks/Umbrella Organizations
  • Mapping and Assessment of Engagement Platforms
  • Media Mapping and Assessment.

The full Terms of Reference (ToRs) for these tasks are available on the following links. Interested applicants may also directedly contact CSSP2 via email at . to get the full TOR.

  1. Mapping and Assessment of CSO Networks/ Umbrella Organizations display-job/274045/Consultancy-service—Mappingand–Assessment-of-Civil Society-Organization(CSO)- Networks – Umbrella-Organizationshtml?searchld=1605520998.9163&page=1
  2. Mapping and Assessment of Engagement Platforms—Mapping-and-Assessment-of-EngagementPlatforms.html?searchld=1605520998.9163&page=1
  3. Media Mapping and Assessment-—Media-Mappingand-Assessment.html?searchld=1605520998.9163&page=1

Application closing date

Interested consulting firms/ service providers should refer to the above links to get the full ToR for the consultancy service requests. Interested and qualifying applicants can submit the requirements mentioned under Section 9 of the ToR on or before 23 November 2020 either at or by email to You may also deliver it in a sealed envelope to CSSP2 Office located at Bole, Addis Ababa next to Bole mini 6th floor on the SEVITA Building during working hours on or before 23 November 2020.’