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The Afar N.R.S Urban Housing Development and Construction Bureau Invite Wax-sealed Bids from Eligible Contractors for Furnishing the Necessary Labor, Material & Equipment for the Construction of POLICE STAFF RESIDENCE


TO: All contractors of the category listed in Table I below with renewed Trade license valid for 2012 E.C. 

  1.  The Bidders shall have registered with the ministry of urban development and construction and who have renewed their license to the year of 2012 EC and who have VAT & TIN registration certificate. 
  2. The Afar N.R.S Urban Housing development and construction bureau invite wax-sealed bids from eligible contractors for furnishing the necessary labor, material & equipment for the construction of 












5 GC/BC & above 

3. A complete set of bid documents can be collected by interested eligible Bidders upon payment of non-refundable fees ETB 300 from Room No. 002 Procurement Finance & Material Administration Support Process. The bidder can purchase the bid document If and only if the bidder must be the owner of the enterprise or legal representative. 

4. Technical qualification document shall be prepared in an original and two copies in a properly signed, stamped and separately wax-sealed envelopes clearly marking“ original”, “copy 1″© 2 

5. financial document shall be prepared in an original and two copies in a properly signed, stamped and separately wax-sealed envelopes clearly marking “original”, “copy 1 & copy 2” 

6. Bid shall be valid for periods of 90 days after the date of bid opening & must be accompanied of bid security of 1% and above of bid amount in the form of CPO or bank guarantee. 

7. The bureau of urban Housing development & construction requires and strongly recommends that each bidder shall participate on only one among all projects. 

8. The Bid document can be purchased as of 21 cal. days begins from the first announcement date of Newspaper until 21 cal. days beginning from the first date of advertisement. 

9. The bid will be closed at the 22th date at 9:30 local time and open with the same date at 10:00 local time in the presence of bidders or their authorized representatives at ANRS urban Housing development and construction bureau. If the 22th day is not a working day the submission date will be the next working day before 9:30 local time. 

10. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information A/N/R/S urban Housing development and construction bureau design construction & administration core process Room No 204 Tel No 033-666-00-02/ 033-666-00-03/033-666-00-05/033-666-00-06. 

11. The bureau of Urban Housing Development & Construction requires and strongly recommends that each bidder shall participate only which have not any claim concerned about construction work at overall in the country. 

12. If the bidders have a project at hand from our bureau the progress of the work below 75%. the bidder is not permitted to participate in this bid. 

13. The bureau reserves the right to accept or reject any bid & annual the bidding process